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hi moms.  Any other babies in a total Mommy phase? I know it is normal at this age, but it is getting super stressful and frustrating that I cannot share the holding or playing or any duty with my husband or grandparents if I'm around. Her cries are heartbreaking so unless I leave the house or room I might as well hold her bc she screams.  Any tips on how to make this a little better? Or is it just something they have to grow out of.  Making matters more stressful I know it makes my Mom (who lives local) upset and sad that she won't just sit and play with her or let her hold her.  Which makes me feel double as guilty.  Guess I'm just looking for some solidarity or maybe ideas on how you worked through this phase! 

PS she loves my husband, parents, strangers even when I'm around - smiles, waves, says hi, hugs, but if I leave the crying and screaming is instant. 

Re: Mommy phase

  • I am having he exact opposite! I fee like my DD wants nothing to do with me. She stopped nursing about 3 weeks ago cold turkey and pushes me away when I am holding her. If my husband, Mom, MIL or FIL are around she will reach out to them to be held. I miss my snuggle bug :(
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    My baby boy is also in this phase! I secretly enjoy it lol it is a phase mama so hang in there mama as it shall pass! You can sit there and try to play with her with your mom next to you, perhaps she will get familiar with her and will want to play with her a bit! It's a stage mama so I'm sure this doesn't mean she doesn't love her daddy or grandma, she just wants mommy a little extra! Lol Keep us posted! :smile:
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  • I am sorry @Sbruins20 that is tough! I had that phase a couple months ago, it isn't fun.  And have it now when the nanny is here, my LO cries when she leaves!  

    You are right @n3na94 it will pass and it is nice to feel loved.  It just puts a lot of pressure on us mamas when there is always so much! I am getting very good at doing things with one hand, lol

    thanks for the feedback ladies and keep the tips coming!! 
  • My LO is totally in a Mommy phase. He is my little stalker. If I'm not near him, he's constantly scanning to see where I am, what I am doing. And he cries if someone else tries to hold him when I am around. I kind of secretly love it, although yes, it is sometimes stressful not to have anyone be able to help. Honestly, though, mostly it makes me feel so loved. Sometimes, I feel like he's the only one that appreciates me. His face lights up like Christmas every time he sees me, like I was gone on a long trip without him, when really I was just putting the laundry away. That can't last forever, I know that, so I'm just going to enjoy it now.
  • My DD is in the same stage. I feel bad about it sometimes, because I get to stay home with her while DH goes to work. He always wants to spend time with her while he's home in the evenings, but she's in full-on Mama Mode. I can tell he's a little disappointed.
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