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First Steps Question

My son is 11 months old today. Today I stood him up, walked a couple feet away, squatted and excitedly said, "Come to momma," at which, he began to run, unsupported, into my arms. We did this over and over for an hour. My husband got home, and I had our son do it again for daddy. The thing is, daddy wasn't excited. He just sort of went through the motions and didn't really seem to care much. I asked him why he wasn't excited and he said it was because our son was running and fumbling into my arms and that I was catching him, so these were NOT considered his first steps. I got frustrated and disappointed because I thought that unaided first steps were first steps, no matter how fast they went, or how many steps they took. My question is, what do you guys consider first steps for your baby? Am I being too excited and delusional over nothing?

Re: First Steps Question

  • AKOL0AKOL0 member
    That is walking. Does your husband expect him to be able to walk a football field in his first steps? Your son is learning and needs to be caught a few times before he is good. I think your husband is being unreasonable and you have every right to be excited. 
  • I think that is first steps. It is called FIRST steps not walking hahha maybe he is sad because he wasn't there for the first time and he is brushing it off 
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  • n3na94n3na94 member
    This is definitely first steps!! like previous post said, it could be that he got sad and didn't know how to hide it since he wasn't there. Be patient mama! And congratulations! Enjoy your baby boy and this beautiful stage! :blush:
  • Well that is an exciting thing!! maybe your husbands expectations are different. 
  • Definitely first steps!! That's so exciting!
  • Yeah that sounds like first steps to me! I agree with PPs, maybe your husband was sad he missed it and trying to come up with a reason why those weren't his first steps to make himself feel better.
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