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So my DS Used to babble like crazy cooing and googoos, but over the past couple weeks has just kinda stopped for the most part. He still has his voice and let's his wants be known with cute little  screams though. He still smiles and laughs , but won't hardly talk to us like he used to. What's up with that?Anyone elses?

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  • I read that can happen during the 4th leap. 
  • I think it mentions in the wonder weeks leap 4 description that babies can be distant or more quiet. And it's a long leap so that might coincide. We're about a week from when it's supposed to end and my guy is just starting to get more chatty again. 
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  • Oh that's good to know. Thanks
  • Mine is doing this too and he is about 4.5 months. Seems pretty common to me. My LO, however, has discovered a throat-clearing type sound, and is currently obsessed with that.  
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    @nbc2015 this! My little discovered a dolphin /orca sound! But it has gone from being all day chattering to barely anything. Good to know it's normal! 
  • Mine is doing this throat clearing thing too, it's cute!
  • Yes!!! Our little girl was/is doing this too. She slows down when she learns something new. But has discovered orca like sounds too @smn14 it's so funny. @jarob747 ours was doing a throat clearing thing coughing she does it so mu ch and it looks like it's for fun. Our dr said she might have just learned how to do it and it's like a new trick so she will do it a lot now.

  • Same thing happened here. I had just told my husband I was worried about it and then the next day he started up again! Probably took about a week break.
  • Yay my LO is back to himself more :) that wonder weeks app is right on the money with its explanations. He's talking up a storm again... I love it so much!!! 
  • Good to know my lil man has been babbling alot less and resorted back to "oooo"instead of all his other cute coping us.was starting to worry.Good to know!!
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