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How'd you meet your partner?

How'd everyone meet their partner? How long before you started dating? Getting married? Having babies? 

Mine and I decided to split but we met through a mutual friend and started dating a few months later. We had our son after a year of being together. He was a delightful little surprise for us.

Re: How'd you meet your partner?

  • I met DH in college 12 years ago. We got together within the year (no official starting date, it just kind of happened) and were married two-ish years after that. This summer is our 9-year anniversary and this will be our first kid. Always thought I'd be a young mom, but life never turns out the way you plan!
  • ANZ116ANZ116 member
    We found love in a hopeless place.......Tinder! We both knew by the second date we would get married eventually. He proposed 7 months later, 18 months after that we were married, and 4 months after that we found out we were having a baby (not entirely planed but an absolutely happy surprise). 
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  • We ran in similar social circles, and randomly started dating. He proposed a year later, and we married a year thereafter cuz I wanted to get married in a French castle not a church and the wait list was long, then we waited bunch of years to establish our careers and then we had to wait some more bc we needed fertility help 
  • We met at work. I worked as a receptionist at a car dealership all through college and he started working there as a salesman. We didn't start dating until 2009, almost a year after he started. Then we got engaged in 2011, got married in 2012, had my daughter in 2013, and now onto our son in 2016!
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    We went to elementary/high school together from kindergarten on, so knew each other since then. We started dating our junior year of high school. We went to different colleges about 3 hours apart and broke up 1/2way through freshmen year (I dated someone else) and were apart for about a year, then on and off through the rest of college. We got engaged a year and 1/2 after graduating college, married a year and 1/2 after that and then DS arrived about a year and 1/2 after that. This baby will arrive about 2 months after DS turns 3. 
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  • A friend set us up. We started dating immediately. I saw my husband for the first time in a medical clinic. I was asked to remove a patient's cast. I notice him but I was looking for the guy in a cast. Long story short it was him but he broke his cast. I secretly hope to be able to put a new cast on. Someone else put a cast on him. From that day on he looked for me but was not able to find me. After a bad blind date my friend decided to set me up again. This time with my husband. She gave him my number before telling me. We dated for two weeks before getting engaged. After two months we got married. This November makes 10 years together and February makes 10 years married. 
  • We started dating our sophomore year of highschool. Have been together for the last 14 years without a separation and married for 3 years 
  • We met at a party my senior year of college (almost 10 years ago). We had mutual friends, but that was first time we had both been in the same place at the same time. We got engaged a little over a year later at the end of 2007), got married exactly a year and a half after that (2009), and had our daughter four years after that (2013).
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    We met on! Dated a little over a year before we got engaged and have been married for almost 2 years now. We started trying shortly after the wedding and are finally expecting our miracle turkey baster baby on Thanksgiving weekend. :) 
  • tjljsc said:
    We met on! Dated a little over a year before we got engaged and have been married for almost 2 years now. We started trying shortly after the wedding and are finally expecting our miracle turkey baster baby on Thanksgiving weekend. :) 
    Put me down as another success! :) Dated for just 6 months before getting engaged, married 2 months later (both of our 2nd marriages). Had a baby boy just 9 months ago and will welcome number 4 between us in November! It's been a wild, wonderful ride!
  • We lived in the same apartment complex. I was invited to his house party by a neighbor. Looking back I was incredibly naive and stupid to go to some guys apartment (never met him or roommate) for a party. I barely knew my neighbor so I was essentially alone. Luckily they weren't bad guys. 
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  • A friend of mine wanted to take me out for my 18th birthday, but his car wasn't working. He coerced his friend into driving and coming along. That friend-of-a-friend is now my husband and baby-daddy-to-be.

    A little more detail: After that birthday excursion, we kept talking and hanging out. I had a crush on him, but was used to having cute, cool guy friends that were only friends. So, I was surprised that after a few weeks I got a "we both know what's going on here" message on AIM. No, I didn't know, but was super excited! After that, we moved beyond just friends :)

    We've been a couple since 2004, living together since 2014 and married since 2015. We new from early on we were committed to each other, but graduating college in the trenches of the Great Recession held us back financially.
  • We met in Mexico on a spring break trip in 2007. We both went to the same college and dated for a year, broke up and realized during our breakup we were still best friends. It took a year for him to realize we should be together and we finally got back together. We didn't get engaged until 2012 and we got married a year later. DH likes to take his time, and I am happily surprised that I wasn't 40 before he was ready for kids. 
  • He saw me in church in the fall.   We officially met at College and Career in February, started dating in August and were married a year and a half later in 2009.   Our first was born in 2012 due to wanting to wait a year and waiting an extra year due to infertility.
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    We met in November 2008 through mutual friends, started dating April 2009. Engaged a year later, married a year and a half later. DD#1 right before our 2 year anniversary. Now DD#2 a few months after our 5 year anniversary.
    Me: 30 DH:31 DD:3
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  • We met my freshman year of college which was his sophomore year. We had a mutual friend. We've been together 3 1/2 years and are expecting our first baby. We've been engaged for a 1 1/2 getting married next June!
  • here too... We talked on the phone for 2 months before actually going on a date. Moved in after 8 months. Had DD after 2 years together. Finally just got engaged in February after 4.5 years. This is baby #2. We plan to have the wedding Sept 2017 because I WILL look good in my wedding dress haha...

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  • We met my freshman year, his junior year. It was his birthday and I went with my friend to drop off his present. I made a joke about watching Maury everyday and he was picking on me so I told him come watch with me. He every day. That was November. I friend zoned him till July. Everyone tells me we had actually been dating since November but I didn't believe them. We've been together 11 years and married 6 of them. 
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  • Maybe I need to get on! Haha these are all wonderful stories, I love this stuff!
  • We used to work together(he works for a different company now). I was married at the time to an emotionally abusive douchebag. My marriage was over long before it was really over. When I was going thru my divorce dh reached out to me so that I wouldn't feel alone and we ended up dating secretly (there a rule about not dating within your store) for a couple months before I got moved to another location. We will be together for 3 years in September. We got married May 30th last year.
  • How'd everyone meet their partner? How long before you started dating? Getting married? Having babies? 

    Mine and I decided to split but we met through a mutual friend and started dating a few months later. We had our son after a year of being together. He was a delightful little surprise for us.
    @seven6five - slap a GTKY at the beginning of your thread title and we have a weekly "getting to know you thread." Interested in posting a question each week, hmm?
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  • Met in college/mutual friends in Aug 2005.
    Started dating in Jan 2007.
    Engaged in Jan 2010.
    Married in Aug 2010.
    Baby #1 in Aug 2014.
    Now baby #2 is on the way! 

    DD: 8/20/14; DS: 11/13/16; DD: 5/3/19; DD: 8/31/21; Baby #5 (team green) due 3/24/24

  • We met at a friend's wedding; I officiated and he did a reading. We had a lot of fun at all the wedding events and started hanging out. Began officially dating 3 months later. We moved in together after a year, had a long engagement, a truly bizarre wedding story and now we've been married for 2 years and together for 5 years.
  • We met at 16 & 17 working together at a bagel shop. Started dating 8 months later. Married after 5 years of dating, first child 9 years after dating (4 years after marriage) and coming up on 14 years together, 9 years of marriage now
  • We met at a party during college.  Things didn't work out at the time because of distance but we started dating when he moved to my city.  After a year of dating, we got married and have been going strong for 8 years now.
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    OKCupid, met at a cafe in a lake town halfway in between the small towns we were transplants in. I was pretty sure he was the one, he thought I didn't like him. I've got some serious RBF. 

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  • How'd everyone meet their partner?
    Online dating
     How long before you started dating? Chatted for a month maybe? I was on travel for work so as soon as I got back to town we went on a date
     Getting married? 1.5 years
     Having babies?  Just shy of 2
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  • In true new Orleans fashion we met at a parade through a mutal friend. We've been together over a year and decided that we weren't going to prevent.  I know it sounds cliche but he's my soul mate and my best friend
  • I was on the runway and couldn't get my flaps into takeoff position.  He was just taxiing home, and he stopped right there in the middle of the strip to help me.  It was a good thing, because my sister was coming to visit, I had just bought the plane secondhand, and I had to get it in shape in order to pick her up and bring her home.  He showed me where it was sticking, and offered to go up with me to make sure everything was working right.  A year later, he came home and told me he never wanted to fly without me again.  I asked if that meant I could stop taking the pill, and he said yes.  We had a miscarriage just three months later, and suffered through two years of infertility after that, but we had a lovely rainbow wedding and are now 18 weeks pregnant with our little aviator!

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    How'd everyone meet their partner? I met him in 7th grade French Class (he was in 8th grade).

    How long before you started dating? We started dating when I was in 8th grade until Junior year. Broke up. Dating again after high school and engaged that Christmas.

    Getting married? We have been married for 5 years this year. Together a total of 12.5 years

    Having babies? This will be our first.
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