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Harder & Easier things

Now that your LOs are/almost 9months, what are some things that have gotten harder? & what are some things that have gotten easier?

Harder things for me:
-telling them apart! My Lord. They werent lying when they say that the older identical twins get, the more they look alike! Especially asleep & looking @ them from one side.

-keeping them still. ALL over the place!

-playing & carrying them @ the same time! They always want momma @ the same time. Grr lol

-dealing with their attitude! Like i dont have enough from their sissy! lol gosh!

-making sure they dont fight with each other over a toy

Easier things:
-being out & about with them.

-giving them food off my plate & not worrying about them choking all the time

- bottle feeds! They used to take a half hour each to drink their milk. Now they hold their own bottle & drink it in 5-10 min.

-leaving the house, now i dont require as much stuff for them when i leave for the day.

Re: Harder & Easier things

  • Harder:
    - keeping him content still
    - while nursing is easier, the stretching and pulling in different directions and also pulling off and turning to see what's going on is definitely harder. He doesn't realize my nipples aren't taffy and don't stretch with him. 
    - baby wearing - while he used to love being worn, lately he pulls and pinches me when he wants to move or get out. He's a little stink lately!
    - He doesn't want anyone but me when out. 

    - eating meals both he and I, although now I have to share everything so I still don't get to eat my entire plate, but at least it's not wasted! Lol
    - playing with him
    - baths are fun

  • Nothing is easier. Literally not a damn thing. Sigh. 
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  • Harder:
    - Diaper changes
    - keeping him entertained
    - making sure he can't escape where he's playing
    (^ it's happened way too many times that I'm willing to say)
    - can't take my eyes off of him for a second because he's eating something he's not supposed to

    - bottles feeding because he does it himself now
    - SHOPPING. Omg being able to put him in the cart is such a blessing 
    - life in general I feel is easier now with him at this stage. He's so much fun 

  • Harder:
    -diaper changes (like alligator wrestling if we're on the floor!)
    -bath time, she wants to roll, cries when I keep her still
    -shopping; she's got herself on a great routine, and if I mess with it for errands she gets cranky and pinches/scratches me

    Easier: everything else!
    -Nursing is easy, but I can also give her a cup of water and some food if its bad timing
    -Babywearing I can get her on my back by myself, but she also likes the stroller now
    -Entertaining her; we baby proofed the main floor, and she occupies herself all day. Literally, if she's awake and I'm not feeding or changing her, she's on the floor doing her thing.
    -Meals; with BLWing I just don't cook with honey and she can eat almost anything we do. She's better at taking small bites, so I don't need to cut things so carefully anymore

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  • Omg diaper changes are like the worst ever lol otherwise still an easy going plays with himself kinda guy
  • Harder: almost everything. I can't just lay her on the floor and walk away. Now she's moving everywhere and needs eyes on her constantly. Also I'm constantly picking her up and moving her from danger trying to redirect her attention.
    Easier: going out in public. No longer have to lug her giant carrier around. She can sit in carts and high chairs! Andddd that's about it :/
  • Harder:
    holding him because he is heavy and then tries to grab EVERYTHING. I swear, a third or fourth arm is somewhere or he is developing ninja skills because he is so quick to grab stuff.
    He is occupied with toys for longer or bounces in is excersaucer so I can get things done around the house hands free.
    Also, he would pitch a fit in the car but now he looks out the window, examines toys, or just falls asleep. It is nice to drive somewhere without him screaming.
  • Easier: 

    Going out. Not because we have less stuff to bring, but because I've gotten used to it and I'm less intimidated by it. Plus she can sit in the cart and loves to smile at people at the store so it gives her something to do. 

    Bottle feeding: she has phased out her middle of the night feeds and eats much faster, plus with the purées, I'm not worried anymore about her taking in enough food. 

    Her cues: I know all of her sounds now and basically what she needs. 


    Playing by herself. She doesn't entertain herself for as long as she used to and she's not mobile yet, so still dependent on me to get around. It makes it hard to get anything done because she wants to be sitting in my lap while she plays with her toys. 

    Going out: she doesn't nap well on the go like she used to so everything must be planned around naps, especially the afternoon nap. 

    Eating: she gets bored easier and isn't as focused on her food. Plus she likes to play in it (normal, I know) and fling her spoon and bowls on the floor, drag her spoon through her hair, grab her socks, essentially put the food anywhere but in her mouth. 

    Night sleep: she was so good up until 7 months. Then separation anxiety hit and teething, and rolling on her stomach and pulling up, ect. I'm so tired. DH helps some but lately he's been getting up, putting the pacifier back in her mouth, diving back under the covers and pretending to sleep so I have to get up 30 sec later anyways and spend 20 mn calming her back down anyways. 

    DH's schedule: he used to work 5 8 hr shifts, but now he works 4 10 hr days. Having him home an extra day is nice, but I really miss him being home 2 hours early. I'm so tired by the time he walks in the door. 
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