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3rd Trimester

How to keep healthy in the third trimester

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Who can give me some advice

Re: How to keep healthy in the third trimester

  • What did you do during second tri? I need a little history before I can adequately give advice. Do you have a disease? disability? something we should know about? 
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    keep to a healthy diet, take your prenatals, & go for walks..? your post is pretty vague, but that's what you can do to keep healthy.
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  • I go on 2 or 3 15 min to half hr walks a day.  I eat a ton of raw veggies and fruits each day. I try to eat 5 small meals and a snack each day so I don't overeat. My Dr said to limit bread, rice and pasta. I make sure to allow for treats too. Just not every day. In the 1st and 2nd tri i would do pregnancy yoga from youtube. I wish I would have continued that. 
  • Try to keep moving.  Its very easy to laze for a really long time when everything is just uncomfortable.
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