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Can't sit/lay down without arms going numb or hurting

I am 38 weeks pregnant with DD #2. I didn't have any numbness or pains like this with my first pregnancy (I was 5 years younger and in much better shape then tho). Anyways, I can't lay down (sitting propped up or otherwise) or even sit down without my hands and forearms falling asleep or hurting. I have no idea how to alleviate this. Braces on my hands and arms do not work. Neither does taking acetaminophen. My hands go numb and start hurting when I am using them while standing and usually sitting helps that, but not anymore :( 

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Re: Can't sit/lay down without arms going numb or hurting

  • Call and ask your health care provider
  • They just tell me to deal with it 

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  • If there is nothing medically wrong then yes you may just have to deal with it. Babies as they get lower put lots of pressure on various nerve points. You may just need to get up and move around when your legs start to go numb 

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  • I am constantly wandering around when my hands/arms go numb. Unfortunately, they go numb when I am standing too so its a constant battle no matter what position I am in.

    I figured there wouldn't be much else I could do, but figured it didn't hurt to see if anyone had any quirky suggestions. For example, with my first pregnancy my feet would be itchy every time I would lay down for bed. The only solution I found was to wear wet socks to sleep lol.

    Thankfully I only have to deal for 5 more days :) 

  • Are you a fan of chiropractic? The nerves can get trapped up by the shoulders and neck and it's possible getting an adjustment can help free up some space for the nerves to sit without being compressed. If you have a tight neck and shoulders it might help. No guarantees though sorry:(
  • @createillumination I wonder if my insurance covers that. However, I'm sure by the time I was able to make it to the chiropractor's DD would be out and it'd be gone lol Thank you for the suggestion though!

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    Lots of insurance will cover chiro, especially if you have met your deductible. Massage can help too if you have a person you can get into see faster. The chiro should be able to tell you what is covered if you call and ask. 
  • It sounds like carpal tunnel.  Sadly, there's really nothing to do about it except give birth.  And be warned, because of PP swelling it may get worse before it gets better.  It took a little over a month for it to go away for me after I had my son.  And it got so bad before I delivered him that it was downright painful.  Rotating my shoulders and hanging my arms at my sides as much as I could helped.  But it got to the point where I never had full feeling in my hands/fingers towards the end.  I'm sorry, that's not what you want to hear.  But you have my full sympathy because that SUCKED!
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  • It sounds like Carpal tunnel, I definitely know how uncomfortable it can make you! With my 1st baby my carpal tunnel started at 6 months and it was so miserable, my arms were numb all the way to my shoulders!  
     If you have access to a place to swim, do it as much as possible, the water pressure with help push out the water/swelling that is squeezing your nerves and causing the numbness. Also watch your sodium intake, foods like soup and canned goods have a ton of it, so even if it seems healthy it can cause swelling fast. 

     I am 32 weeks with baby #2 and I avoided sodium like the plague and have taken advantage of a summer pregnancy by swimming as much as possible, if I ever start swelling or my hands feel tingly I'll even take a cold bath if I can't go swimming and it's been so so helpful. 

    Hope you get some relief soon! 
  • I was seen in labor and delivery the other day for an unrelated issue.  My mom went with me and decided to give every Dr. and Nurse a list of every symptom that I'm having because she loves me. <3 One of those that they actually reacted to was the limbs going numb, and they just said that it's very common and normal, and that there was actually a name for it that had slipped her mind but she'd let us know when she remembered.  She never let us know, but apparently it's very common and nothing to worry about.
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