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Thumping heads on crib sides

My baby is a move and a shaker in bed.  He is constantly nailing his head on the sides as he moves at night.
He has a mesh breathable surround,  but it does nothing for the head banging.  It wakes him about half the time.  Any suggestions?  What are your thoughts on a bumpers for a fully mobile 10 month old? 

Re: Thumping heads on crib sides

  • I have a 12 y/o, 6 y/o & baby boy will be 10 months next week.  The older two both had bumpers,  the thick cushioned ones that are still sold with crib sets, and we never had an issue. My middle child actually would only sleep with his forehead pushed into the bumpers.  Baby boy has the breathable bumpers (only because we didn't buy him an actual crib set ... 3rd kid problems!  Lol) If you are comfortable with it,  go for it. 
  • When he wakes up does he go back to sleep or do you have to go in? If he goes back to sleep then I wouldn't do anything differently. I have 2 kids and both have smacked their heads on the crib in the MOTN but I'm personally not comfortable with the thick bumpers so I wouldn't put one in.
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  • He wakes up about half the time. And can't get back to sleep.  He's all over the place
  • Target sells the padded mesh bumpers that are still breathable. My little is almost 7 months and she is always standing in her crib and bonking her head. If it happens mostly on just one side of the crib maybe get the single crib bumpers and put it on that side. She would bank her head on the sides and back one, so I put it on all 3 and left the front of the crib without one. It has helped us a lot as she also gets close to the rails at night and hits her head and face when she turns her head at night 
  • You could just use a padded crib bumper and weave it in and out of the crib slats. Both of my older kids (13&9) used padded bumpers that tied and never had an issue. Or you could use a pack and play. 
  • I think he's big enough for bumpers, personally. I don't think there is much if any risk of them causing any harm to a fully mobile LO. 
  • We put foam pool noodles under LOs sheets along the edges of his crib to keep him from banging his head. Works great and it's a cheap fix!!
  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "fully mobile", but kiddos can use those bumpers as a step up to try to climb out of the crib as well, so I'd just avoid them altogether. My older daughter went through a phase where she'd bump her head on the crib, but if we just let her settle herself back down without going in there she would go back to sleep just fine! (Yes, there would be a little crying involved, but she was fine.) After a couple of weeks she just quit bumping her head. It's like she figured out the boundaries or something in her sleep! 
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