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Switching Nutramigen to Reg Formula

My DS is 9 months old. We received the ok from the doc to switch from Nutramigen to regular infant formula. We tried Enfamil infant and he didnt take to it. Would drink 1 oz (usually drinks 6oz 4 times a day) and tight lip. 

We are thinking of mixing the two to get him used to regular formula. 

Has anyone switched from Nutramigen to infant formula bad and had to mix to get your child to drink it? 

Re: Switching Nutramigen to Reg Formula

  • Not I but everything I've read about transitioning from formula to whole milk actually recommends you mix the two and slowly increase the amount of whole milk while decreasing formula to get LO used to the new taste. I can't speak for experience with doing either but I'd imagine it's the same principle.
  • My sister switched her DD from Nutramigen to regular formula, but she didn't mix it. She just switched. Perhaps your LO doesn't like the taste of Enfamil. Could you try another brand (after a bit; don't switch too quickly or too often)?
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  • We switched from Nutramegin to Gentle Ease, but our lo hated the taste of the Nutramegin, we were putting oatmeal cereal (Dr's recommendation) in the Nutramegin to get her to drink it. But when we switched we did a gradually transition over 2 weeks. So for the first two days we did 1 oz of Gentle Ease per day mixed with Nutramegin, then we did 2 oz for 2 days, then 4 oz for two days, ect until we were just on Gentle Ease
  • When I switched from enfamil infant to nutramigen I mixed the two, it took about a week but I started with 4oz reg and 2 oz nutramigen then half and half for two days then 4oz nutramigen to 2 oz reg and finally two days later he was on the full nutramigen. 
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  • Why were you on nutramigen and why are they comfortable switching to regular?

    Noah switched to nutramigen early on and his allergist won't let him try regular dairy until he's 2 
  • I ep'd for 2 months and she was really sensitive to dairy in my bm, so her Dr had us supplement with Nutramegin as needed. By 2 months, I couldn't keep up with her with pumping and I was having a really hard time giving up dairy among other things and I wasn't eating right, so at that point after a consult with a gi specialist for lo, I made the decision to just ff. The GI specialist likes to switch them to Gentle Ease at 6 months, regular Enfamil at 9 months and then cows milk at 1 year as long as there isn't an allergy. She reacted to regular formula at 9 months (1 oz in 24 hrs) so the gi specialist recommended we give it another month and try again. We are opting to start with yoghurt and cheese first since she said that was ok and if all goes well we'll try the transition again in a couple of weeks.
  • Chase is on Nutramigen and his pedi said we could start introducing said at his 9 month appointment. Had a very hard time keeping formula down, but seems okay with small amounts of dairy. 
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  • Thanks all. We were on Nutramigen for a milk protein allergy. At 6 weeks we found blood in his stood. Rather than switch to soy which still contains the protein they put us right on Nutramigen. Doc say by 9 months majority of babies with a milk protein allergy outgrows it. 

    So far we have been mixing. We are on 2 scoops regular infant and 1 scoop Nutramigen. He is doing well with the slow transition. 
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