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Teeth grinding!!

Anyone else's LO grinding their teeth?!?! OMG it's like nails on a chalkboard!!

Re: Teeth grinding!!

  • BognesBognes member
    It's terrible. Ugh 
  • YES! Our pediatrician said it will probably stop once his top teeth poke through just a little more.  He said right now he's feeling the pressure and the fact that his bottom teeth can touch something else...can't wait for those teeth to come through more! It gives me chills when he does it!!

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  • It lasts a couple weeks until he gets new ones 
  • Yes! My LO did it way back when he got his front teeth (he now has 7 - most of the front and one molar) and the he stopped...I think the next molar is coming through from what I can feel and the past day or so he is back to grinding :( and its awful!!! Especially with all the teeth he has now its like amplified!
  • It's horrible! Gives me the shivers!
  • It is awful!!!!
  • ElleKHElleKH member
    Our LO did it for three weeks and it drove my husband and I nuts, then he just stopped all of a sudden. I hope yours does too! That sound! Brrrrrr...
  • Still going!!! And when we tell her to stop she thinks it's hilarious! I think it's her new - dropping stuff on the floor repeatedly - trick.
  • Oh yeah, our LO started doing this when his top tooth started coming in. He doesn't do it all the time, but every so often, and it's not daily. His second top tooth is coming in now. It is not a pretty sound!
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