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Pregnant after 35


Hi, reintroducing myself.  I have 17 month old dd and just found out I'm expecting again.  I am in the process of finding a new dr and made an interview appointment but it isnt for 5 more weeks.
I was diagnosed with GD at the very tail of my last pregnancy.  I had to follow a special diet and take gliburide(sp?).  Should I start to follow a GD diet right away?
To that end, I typically use artificial sweetener for coffee and tea.  Is stevia safe during pregnancy?  I don't want to use artificial junk but using regular sugar doesn't seem like a good idea.  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Revisit

  • I don't personally have experience with GD, but I found this article that might be helpful.

    Also I read that you have a 60% chance of getting GD in subsequent pregnancies, so I think it wouldn't hurt to start moving your diet in that direction. When you are able to meet with your new doctor, you can discuss in detail what you should be doing to help try to avoid getting it again. Hope this helps a little and congratulations on your new LO!
  • Welcome and congrats! You might find more info on gd on your BMB or high risk pregnancy board. Sorry I can't be of more help. 
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  • I can't help with the GD, but welcome!
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  • I'll check the HR board.  Thanks :)
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