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Introducing (Reintroducing) myself

Hi, my name is Amber. I posted this on the infertility board too. I'm 30 and my husband is 34. We have been trying for about 4.5 years now. This is actually my second time on the board but it's been a couple of years. We were told that I have PCOS and that I had annovulatory cycles by my OB/GYN. After several failed IUIs and medication treatments we decide to take a break because the doctor was going to recommend us to an RE.
We started working with another doctor last summer who just took what my doctor said and ran with it. He did not run additional testing, so we just went with it. Well, I knew a couple of people who had done treatment with this doctor and were very unsatisfied so we looked at reviews and did more research and realized we wanted to make a switch and so we did in March. We talked about it a lot and were planning on doing this in February, we'd started the birth control but that was when we decided to put this on hold and look at our options. Our current doctor is amazing and she ran some tests and all of my hormones, AHA, etc were perfect. It turns out I don't have PCOS. I don't have any of the symptoms. I should have questioned it at first but I think I just wanted to be able to blame it on something. My husband's sperm motility is 2% and she said they like that number to be around 50%. Fast forward to June we started our IVF cycle, I've gone through the med cycle and had my retrieval on Wednesday. They got 27 eggs. 23 were mature and all 23 fertilized as of yesterday. We find out how many made it to day three tomorrow and my transfer is Monday. I'm praying and hoping. We spent all of our money on this and if this works, it will be totally worth it. I'm just scared that it won't because it's not guaranteed. Thank you for reading smiley Amber
TTC since December 2011 
Me: 30    Husband: 34

9 rounds of clomid with 5 IUIs.
2 rounds of ovidrel with no IUIs. 

Feb 2016 -Started IVF cycle but cancelled. 
March 2016 - Changed doctor
March 2016 - Diagnosed with male factor, motility issues
May 31, 2016 - Started IVF cycle
June 15, 2016 - Egg retrieval, 27 eggs 

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