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Babys falling

hello! I just wanted to know if ofher Babys are going threw sort of the same thing as mine .. My baby is 8 months and she crawls and stands up on things but sometime she falls and hits her head and cries for a sec or two and that's it but it has me worried because at least she falls 2 times a week and it just scares me 

Re: Babys falling

  • Oh yes it happens all the time. Their balance will get better and the falls will be less but it'll happen a lot. My little guy face plants off things at times from trying to stand with things not tall enough and he leans too far forward. 
  • Happening here as well! I just make sure to keep hard toys out of the way when shes standing. I dont think any harm will come from only falling the short distance of their height. 
    I try to keep her on carpeted surfaces.
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  • riosvriosv member
    Thank god it's not just my baby! It scared me a bit! And all my house is tile so it's hard to keep her somewhere were if she falls it won't hurt .. Sometimes she gets little bumps from the fall and that's what scares me the most 
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