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TTC while overweight...

have any mommas had trouble TTC while overweight? I am 27 5'8 217 pounds. My bmi is 33. I never really put two and two together but I have been TTC for months now... And haven't even gotten a period in 2 months. Could it be because I have too much or too less of estrogen in my body and am having trouble ovulating? Anyone have any tips other than eating healthy and trying to lose weight? Please help I want to have baby number two so bad!

Re: TTC while overweight...

  • Hi @meowleebree, I feel your pain! I'm 29, 5'9 250lbs, with bmi of 31. I have been trying to conceive for 5mo now. I'm walking 3x/wk 3.5 miles. I've gone down from 255lbs so little by little. I also went to dr for Clomid as it helped the first time around. I'm currently waiting to ovulate!
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