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Cysts found in ultrasound - 20 weeks

Hey ladies! My husband and I had a very rough day yesterday and I am looking for parents with similar experiences and information. We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday and were excited to potentially find out the gender. We had done the genetic screening and quad 4 testing and there was no sign of abnormalities. After the ultrasound the CNM said that they found two cysts on my baby'a brain, one on either side. She said they can be indicators of Down Syndrome or they may go away. She did not provide us with much information just that we needed to go for a level 2 ultrasound. Has anybody else experienced this? Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am going through an emotional roller coaster at this point. Thank you!

Re: Cysts found in ultrasound - 20 weeks

  • A friend of mine's daughter had what they called choroid plexus cysts on her brain at 20 weeks. She was told that while occasionally they can be a marker of something, it's more likely they're nothing to worry about and will go away by 28 weeks. Since her NT scan and bloodwork had come back with no increased risks, it was assumed she would fall under the "nothing to worry about" group.

    She went back for a 28 week follow-up ultrasound and as expected the cysts were gone. Hope the same happens for you.
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  • I can give you lots of information on this because both of my children have had this on their 20 week scan.

    So they are called Choriod Plexus cysts, and they are 1 of 5 soft markers that can be seen with down syndrome. In the absence of any other markers (and with a normal NT or quad screening) they really are not alarming. When a baby has 1 of the soft markers (the cysts being the most benign of the 5) they like to do a level 2 ultrasound done by a high risk doctor at 28 weeks to see what is going on. By doing this they get a better machine, a more experienced dr, a more developed baby and they can see if any of the other markers are present or anything else anatomically looks different. They will also look to see if they cysts are gone.

    With my daughter she had one large cyst, it was not gone at 28 weeks, but nothing else seen on the Level 2 ultrasound - we had a follow up at 34 week, cysts was still there but no one really seem concerned since everything else was perfect. She was born perfectly healthy and is a totally normal 3.5 year old.

    My son had I think 3 smaller ones, they were all gone at the 28 week scan.

    I totally understand your worry - trust me I have been there, and I have cried after our ultrasounds just because the chance of anything can be scary. But what I have found out is that really they are finding these things because we have better technology now. And the high risk doctor that I saw that did the Level 2 ultrasound said if the cyst is the only marker, and there was a normal NT scan, they don't even tell people about the cysts because they are so benign. 

    I am now pregnant with #3, and since I apparently just grow baby with choriod plexus cysts I will be having a level 2 scan for my regular 20 week scan to hopefully remove the extra time and concern.

    I hope this helps, I am happy to answer any other questions!

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  • I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience and giving me piece of mind. Knowing that other moms had similar experiences makes me feel like I'm not on an island.
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    I didn't have this issue but experienced something similar. At the 20 week scan an echogenic cardiac focus was found - a bright spot on the heart. It is considered a soft marker for downs. We were referred for a level two ultrasound and it was still there so we did the Harmony test and our risk was less than 1/10,000 for downs. Baby was born perfect and is almost three months old. I totally understand the worry you're experiencing but as PPs have mentioned there's not much point in worrying, especially since you've had good results from the other tests. Sorry you're going through this but I really think everything will be ok!!! 

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