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Im 37, just found out, excited and a little scared!!

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Hi all. Well, I just got 2 positive pregnancy tests today. Set to go to the dr june 28th. Surprised the hell out of me. Boyfriend and I wanted to get pregnant but didnt think it would happen. Went on ketogenic (low carb diet) and I guess I got healthy enough for it happen! Anyway, so I dont think its even sunk in yet. But I am already researching quite a bit about pregnancy after 35. I dont want to be paranoid but I do want to be aware of any risks. I do have 2 children already so this is my third. I also had a lot of bleeding when I delivered my daughter, so that is a little worrisome. I will talk with the OB about it. Overall, we are both very happy!. May be planning a wedding soon too. lol We had already been talking about it.  I am curious what you all are taking as far as prenatal vitamins. I noticed that alot of prenantal vitamins now automatically contain dha from fish oil. Is this now considered safe?.   I am not going to do anything without talking to my doctor, but I just wanted to get some opinions. Well, if anyone wants to talk let me know! Im curious to hear all of your stories. It has been 9 years since my last pregnancy so its all new again! lol

Re: Im 37, just found out, excited and a little scared!!

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    anyone here ? lol
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    This board is pretty dormant... Lots of busy mamas. I think the pregnant over 35 board is still pretty active, though, and might have better answers. I don't really remember what prenatal I took - rainbow something :)
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  • I just wanted to say congratulations and best wishes.
    Also I bled quite a bit after #2, and then again with a miscarriage before #3. For delivery with #3 I had an IV put in because I was induced, and then they had a drug (syntocin?) on hand prepped and ready to go if I bled. I did, they gave me that, and then gave me a drip of something else for a couple of hours.
    The next day I still had some gushes of blood, so they were considering surgery, but then things settled again and they decided to leave it. Ultimately I was fine and required no further medication or treatment.

    So I guess my point is, is that yes bleeding can be scary, but if they know your history, then they can be all organised to keep on top of it, and there is lots they can do.

    Anyway, congratulations again!!!
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  • You'll do great! Just think, they keep us young!
  • Congratulations! There's 6 yrs between my kids. Things have really changed. Would you believe I am still taking prenatals because I am bf and I don't even know which ones... ha... I think Nature Made. My Dr had me take a prenatal with high folic acid at the beginning of my pregnancy.  So find one with a lot of folic acid. That's important now in the first several weeks.
  • First of all-- Congratulations! I am in almost the same situation you are in! I just turned 37 last week and have a 12 going on 13 year old! My boyfriend doesn't have kids so this will be his first. I am feeling all the things right now! I have so many concerns as I'm older and also a bit overweight now. It's been awhile since I've done the baby thing so I am trying to stay calm, psitive, and stress free but MAN this was a shock!
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