Do you use parental controls?

Last month my friend started using parental control app for her teens' devices. I actually hadn't dealt with those before as my kid is only nine and I (probably out of my naïvety) trust him, but after she praised them so much, I began to think of trying one myself.
Why would I need them? I read about those applications and found out that there are many cool options that I may use. The most important one is locating the device. I'm always horrified by the kidnepping stories on the news, so the thought that I always know where my kid is can be very comforting for me.

When I decided to get one of those apps, I faced a problem of not being able to choose just one. It turned out that there are quite a lot of them and I actually liked three a lot. Maybe some of you have heard or even tried some of them and can offer your feedback. So, these are the apps that I liked.

Sygic Family Locator. This the first app that I found. It looks very solid and reputable; I've found many good reviews on this company. The thing that interested me the most, though, is that I can see the location of not only my kid, but the whole family, too. It is a nice option for me as I have elderly parents that I take care of.

Pumpic. This one has a very cool interface and so many features. I can not only trace a cell phone or tablet of my kid, but also block harmful content and apps, monitor calls and text messages that my son makes and receives, see what he does online, etc.

Life360. This is another one that I liked very much. The site makes it all sound very attractive. The application has many features, but it mainly focuses on finding location. You can add relatives and friends to the app and see if the enter certain places (cafes, school, etc.)

So, has anyone tried any of these or at least heard anything? I'd be happy about any feedback. :)
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