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  • I really don't like the trend of dying your hair un-natural and weird colors.(Like Kelly Osborne lavender) Lots of people I know from High School/ College are still doing this, and they are the first to post long fb posts about not being taken seriously or not being where they want to be with their career in life. I also work at a middle school, and see loads of kids with this. They often have roots that are about 4 inches long and some strange, washed out, fried hair going on. Not attractive IMO.
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  • @Henchbytch...I would think by going around and constantly talking about oneself as being an introvert, that would therefore make you not a real introvert? Confused.
  • I have had every color hair under the sun when I was a teenager and early 20's. Plus peircings and tatts. Now its to trendy. My hair is 100% natural now. I only have one hole for each ear and 1 tragus.
  • I think crazy hair colors are fun and expressive for kids and people who don't need or want "establishment" jobs.  I think it is naive or purposefully blind to expect others not to judge by hair and appearance in general.  (We get it everyday thanks to our pregnant bellies.) To @Hannahmp30 's point, don't whine to me if you have mad tats and blue hair and can't understand why you can't find an office job... Otherwise go for it!  I missed my chance at fun hair and now have to admire others. Although I gotta say, the colorful hair fails may've scared me off anyways. There're some doozies out there!

    @thepen15ismighty that will be some rockin hair!  Enjoy!

  • Hair apt today in 2 hours, this is my hair goals because I'm 29 and a "hipster" for doing it. I'll also have 6 earrings in my lobes, my nose ring and my two cartilages in. Maybe I'll get an industrial today because I'm feeling like telling the establishment to screw themselves.
    Ahh that is gorgeous!!
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  • @thepen15ismighty that actually looks pretty tasteful to me IMO. Is that considered a balayage (hand painted) effect? I hate coloring my hair because of the time it takes/frequency of upkeep but I was thinking of getting some kind of balayage look once my hair grows out since maintenance is only like every 6 months. I think showing some piercings and even tattoos at work (within reason) is now considered within the realm of "business casual." I frequently wear tank tops/dresses to work because it's 100+ degrees out and show off my tattoos. Don't really care if it bothers anyone.
  • @thepen15ismighty that's really pretty!  I totally want to see your after pic!  If I wasn't SUPER lazy when it comes to hair and beauty stuff in general I would totally do this to my hair!  I luckily have one of those jobs that don't care too much about hair color/tatts/piercings.  But I only get my hair cut like 2x a year.  I'm very very low maintenance. 
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  • @randishane011804 it'll get their eventually. I have a hair dresser that makes it a process but she's not expensive so I don't mind. She understands my hair ADD every few months.

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  • @thepen15ismighty people who judge ability or character on hair, tats, piercings are short sighted but common as dirt. That's awesome that your office is better informed. I'm in law in Austin where hiring with my close minded boss is special.  All these creative expressive hardworking people written off due to style, but we do have close minded clients being as they're mostly big corporate types and biz is biz. I don't condone the reality but I know it is there and better to go establishment if needed to get a job and then wean peops off their misconceptions by slowly going more your own way or accept close minded offices are not in your future!  If peops judge a mother by her hair, formula feeding, or breast feeding in public (and they will), they can suck it. If I feel the need to judge a mother, I hope it will be by the happiness and health of her child. Although being FTM I'm more likely to watch moms for tips and tricks then to judge!
  • @nerdchild said it perfectly! 

    I have tattoos, have changed my hair color more times than I can count, and have seven piercings in my ears alone. It's never proved to be an issue for me, except in high school when I worked at the Bath and Body Works they said I had to cover my tattoo. My boss had full sleeves and he also just wore long sleeves and we complained about the establishment together. Now when I worked in the university accounting office, a theoretically much more...uptight sounding environment, I showed my tattoos everyday, including my top less girl, and the only thing anyone ever said were compliments. But I do live in Portland and most people don't blink at that sort of thing. 
  • Nerdchild said:
    My UO today: I fucking hate guns. 
    With how they are used, and therefore presented in the media, I don't blame you. Bad gun owners who don't properly store firearms, resulting in the death of children playing with guns, gun 'nuts' holding a gun over their heads on national t.v. and screaming about you taking it from their 'cold, dead hands', and psychopaths who use them in fits of rage to murder anyone from a teen in a hoodie to a club full of revelers make it easy to hate guns. Those of us who keep guns at home, locked in bedside safes in case someone breaks in to harm us don't end up being national news. 
    And I have no problem with that, I wish more people were that responsible. To be clear, I don't hate people who own guns and store them/use them responsibly - one whole side of my family has guns, hunts, etc. But I hate gun culture, our pitiful gun laws, and our inability to do in anything in the face of countless gun tragedies. It's obviously a complicated issue but at the end of the day, I hate them and I hate knowing how easy we make it for them to fall into the wrong hands. 
  • @stellaluna14 I was taking our shared frustrations and running with them. I hate that, as a gun owner, those nutjobs are associated with me in any way, or think that I feel as passionately about owning everything from a bb gun to a rocket launcher as they do. I want to look at them and go 'Oh no, Koolaid, we are NOT the same brand of crazy!' @rnyland1 YES to open carry allowing people to walk around with their chests all puffed out looking ridiculous. 
  • My OU: idgaf if my induction is more convenience than absolutely medically necessary. 
  • Here I go again, throwing my 2 cents in... I work for the govt and am the lead manager in my department. I am only 29, I have 11 piercings in my ears, 2 foot tattoos and a wrist tattoo.. all of which is shown. I have had my hair every color while it has been mostly blonde or brown I do throw pink, blue and purple highlights in there every once in a while. I also have a job where I meet with a lot of customers and very high military staff. Only reason I get treated differently is because I am a woman in a man's workplace not because of what I look like. If your work permits it, more power to you! My coworker also does blue hair and pink and she too is very respected. (Again, as much as a woman in a mans work can be) :)

     I dont know how to tag someone (again, media idiot...) but that hair color is gorg! Rock out with that!
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    @tazer894 all you have to do is put an @ and then type the persons username. It should pop up a little drop-down with choices. 

    I was a govt worker for 9 years,  died my hair and pierced my tongue and have half a dozen tattoos, including a piece that covers my entire back from neckline to ass crack. Even when I worked in law enforcement, the rules were pretty lax. 

    My UO: I secretly love the lavender and rose gold hair. I can't pull it off,  though, so I stick to my natural color, which is a hard-to-match amber-gold "pumpkin spice" color. Not quite blonde, not quite red, not quite brown. I hated it for the longest time.
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    Thank you! @erin7264

    It worked!
  • I miss my crazy hair color. When I was accepted into a graduate program I dyed it a natural color. Totally kicking my self in the ass for not keeping it fun for a few more years. Now I teach college, and it is frowned upon. Thinking about going blue until I start back up in Janurary. 
  • I miss my crazy hair color. When I was accepted into a graduate program I dyed it a natural color. Totally kicking my self in the ass for not keeping it fun for a few more years. Now I teach college, and it is frowned upon. Thinking about going blue until I start back up in Janurary. 
    I go to a private college and the professors are all tatted with crazy colored hair. Maybe you should look into a liberal private college so you can rock your awesome hair. ;)
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  • @sboston06 Oh my god, this! Every morning on Rt. 1 coming into Boston, and on 93 going home, there's some nitwit weaving in and out of lanes. Gives the responsible motorcyclists a bad name. We're all trying to get home, buddy!! Ugh!
  • Do people in offices really care about colored hair, tattoos and piercings anymore? I work in a creative field so I've never had to worry about the way I decorate my body at work. 

    Also, I love you @noelietrex and I can't wait to see your colorful pit hair 
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    The one thing I've been wanting to do when baby gets here is dye my hair, my hair looks dreadful at the minute. 
    My UO: I don't know whether it's just my family and the people I know but the majority of older people I know suck at giving baby advice. Years ago people didn't know any better when it came to certain things like feeding baby solids etc. All the advice I've received from the older generation is so outdated. In saying that, I'm sure there is a ton of older people who know exactly what they are on about but unfortunately I don't know any of them. I'm just stuck with the "it's safe to give a baby some Guinness in their bottle" people. No, just no.  
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