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Lightweight strollers

so i have the chicco bravo stroller. I love it but its heavy for me. I want to get a light weight stroller for when its me and baby then use the chicco bravo when hubby is around. Any one know of a good one??

Re: Lightweight strollers

  • Have you considered just a cheap umbrella stroller? I have a baby trend expedition jogging stroller that I absolutely love but we have a small car and it takes up the whole trunk. We were given an umbrella stroller and it takes up so little room that it stays in the car all the time. I don't know how often you find yourself using a stroller but most of the time when we are out, we just use shopping carts or high chairs depending on where we are. Anything else, the umbrella stroller seems to work alright. I don't find myself using the big stroller often unless I know we are going to be somewhere for a long time.
  • I also have the baby trend jogging stroller and love it! I have an SUV and it still takes up a ton of room. We bought one of the cheap umbrella strollers (the kolcraft one) and its just ok. I am 5'9" and my BF is 6'1" and the handles are too low and so we end up hunched over and also kick the little basket underneath. After not being satisfied with it, I started looking at different lightweight strollers and better ones for taller parents and after about a week of searching we ended up ordering the Summer Infant 3d lite. Its normally around $90 but they have a coupon code right now that brought it down to $56. I watched videos and read reviews a ton before deciding. A big thing to look for is probably handle height depending on how tall you are and the harness. Our little cheapy umbrella stroller only has a lap belt and LO can lean way over and looks like he is almost going to tip out but the summer infant weighs only 12 pounds and has a 5 point harness and it reclines and holds children up to 50 pounds. So IMHO doing a little googling before deciding. I myself didn't want to spend a ton of money on a stroller but $56 is pretty doable. 
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  • What coupon did you use? I was considering this one 
  • it was SUMMER2016 but i just tried it again and it says expired  :(
    I googled summer infant coupons and that is how I found it, maybe there will be another one soon!
  • n3na94n3na94 member
    Do you have a Buy Buy baby store near you? I have a 20% coupon I can send you! 
  • Yes i do i was planning on going tomorrow i have a 5 dollar off coupon 
  • n3na94n3na94 member
    I can message you the link, I get them every month so I'll PM you the link of 20% perhaps they'll take both! :smile:
  • Ok thank you so much!
  • n3na94n3na94 member
    Ok thank you so much!
    Did you get it!? 
  • They usually do take both! At least, my store always did. Unfortunately we moved to Charleston and there isn't one in the area anymore :(
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