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Toddler hair question

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I know there's a few hairdressers here so I need help! My 5yo has long thick hair - loose curls (used to be tight curls but lost her curls when we cut her hair
:(). Lately her hair is falling out so much! Not to the point where she's balding but it's all over the place! Do you think it's time for a trim or could it be the conditioner I'm using in her hair? I've heard that trimming helps hair not fall out but then some people say that's not true. Any advice!? 

Re: Toddler hair question

  • That's not a fun thing to be dealing with!! Has she has her hair trimmed before? It's good for the over all health of the hair to get it trimmed. Not sure where you live but here where I am it's getting hotter, people naturally shed more. It could also be something lacking in her diet...if it seems more then normal I may contact ur pediatrician to let them know. I tell my clients if they notice a significant change to let their dr know, I know hair loss can be a sign ur thyroid isn't right but I highly doubt that's the case with ur daughter. Also the texture of ur hair changes, it could easily be something as simple as that. Good luck!' 
  • Generally your hair naturally loses 70-100 strands per day. Trimming doesn't have anything to do with the hair falling out. Trimming maintains healthy hair with no dead ends, therefore the hair grows "faster" because the ends are not breaking off. If it's a concerning amount I would bring it up to the doctor. What conditioner are you using? I've never heard of that causing hair loss 
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  • So I took her ysday and got 3in cut off her hair. It seemed better when I gave her a bath. I'm going to use my shampoo and conditioner in her hair to see if that makes a difference. (I use biolage sleek look and sebestian drench- I alternate between the two)

    @rebekahrathe yes I have gotten her hair trimmed in the past- that's maybe why I just thought it was time for another one! Eck I hope it's not a thyroid issue. I was thinking too she could be lacking some sort of vitamin. I don't know. We'll see if this cut helps 

    @chelseajeanene it's called "so cozy". I got it from target. It had awesome reviews and it's been working so good in my girls hair and I've been using it for two months now. So i would think if it was the conditioner it would've been an issue from the get go. 

    Im definitely bringing It up to her dr if it continues. The hairdresser said ysday that maybe it's just her body going through changes? I don't know. It's stressful! And dr Google sure doesn't help 
  • This happened to my cousins daughter around the same age. She changed her pillowcase to a silk one because she moved a lot at night and thought it would help with the friction, and it really did. Made a huge difference in the hair loss. 
  • Hmm interesting @kabaczewski I'll give that a try. 

    so her hair is still falling out. Ugh. Even after the cut. 
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