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Weirdest thing your kiddo has licked or put in their mouth...

My little one was putting his dad's belt buckle in his mouth today! It bugs me how he puts the grossest stuff in his mouth all the time but I know it's just how baby's learn lol.

Should I be worried about him getting sick or anything?

Also what's the weirdest/ grossest thing your little one has put in their mouth so far? 

Re: Weirdest thing your kiddo has licked or put in their mouth...

  • If he just did it once i think hes fine.

    Right now my boys love sucking on their big toe. Yep, ill look over & theyll both be sucking on their big toe.. Now & then ill catch them sucking on each others hands, arms & feet(they
    used to do a lot when they were smaller). Even though their main focus is their toes, they put  anything they can get their hands on in their mouths..
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    Yeah, mine's done that many times... he puts everything in his mouth. If it's in his hand, it's in his mouth. To name a few -- daddy's slippers, iPhone, cat's pillow (which was covered in fur!), gym items at his play group, water bottles, diapers. Attempted, but intervened in time -- cat's food, cat's tail, vacuum. He has no teeth yet, so maybe he's teething (although he's been doing this for months!).
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  • My LO has it bad for shoe laces and shoes! YUCK DOUBLE YUCK! Probably the dirtiest thing he could like, too! Ugh. 
  • The dog's toys. Even when I think I have them all picked up, he manages to find them. He especially loves them if they have just been in the dog's mouth. If I stop him he freaks out. Full on terrible twos style meltdown.

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  • She's not always successful but here are some things she goes after: Shoes, dog hair, rocks, my toes, dirty diapers...
  • Yup, EVERYTHING in the mouth here too!  He's constantly on the lookout for shoes, we have to make sure they are all put away.  Always after the cat's food, licks walls, the fridge door, dishwasher, the floor, door stopper...everything!  He's always after his dirty diaper too! If I can't throw it away immediately I have to hide it behind my back from him! 
  • Everything. He especially likes to eat the cat's tail and leaves or grass. Yuck.
  • Dog toys and well..... Sometimes the dog's tongue has made its way in there too.... Eeek!
  • We all of a sudden have carpenter ants in our home.  They are slowly dying from the traps, but we see a few dizzily roaming around the house.  B picked one up and was about to eat it when DH caught her in time.   Eeeeek.  
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  • Haha I love these replies! Other then his dad's belt buckle he loves feet and toes (Particularly his dad's which are usually gross from being in steel toed shoes all day! Ew!), anything that's been on the floor, the dogs tail and his hair brush but not the handle the bristly part lol
  • The dogs tail
  • My LO does the belt too, also all of my toes and anyone with or without socks on, the cats back, our knees, cat food, there's not many items in my home that have not been in his mouth 
  • Shoes, cat hair is a favorite, paper towels, leaves and little sticks tracked in from the dog, everything. Her absolute favorite thing is the dogs toys. She plays with them more than her own and always has. At one point I just stopped taking them away from her. The dog will chew on one end and she'll chew on the other at the same time. It's adorable ( and gross) but that's how they bond with each other. I figure the dog licks her in the face all the time and if she gets the toy in her mouth once why not just let her keep going.
  • I was at a special opening party for a Shake Shack with my LO, and I was trying to get a soda, ketchup, etc while LO was freaking out. To stop him from crying, I handed him the receipt "just for a second." Not only did he put it in his mouth, when I looked at him again, he had one end of the receipt in one hand, the other end in his other hand, and he had eaten the middle! Whoops.
  • Everything.  DS is terrible, I'm constantly fishing things out of his mouth.  He has a shoe fetish and I often catch him trying to eat shoes, my sitter said he ate an ant one day.  Grass, wipes, paper etc. 

    DS1 still loves playing with his Easter eggs so every other day or so he asks me to hide cheerios in them and hide them for his morning snack.  DH told me that LO has been going around finding old, undiscovered eggs and eating the cheerios out of them.  
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    fyi to @rachelkawesome and everyone else... receipts can have a lot of BPA in them. I'm so bad at remembering to throw them out myself, but it's best to get rid of them if possible. HTH 
  • Ugh my son's favorite thing is the garbage can! He loves to open it and stick his head inside and pull out whatever is on top. Then I saw him sucking on the lid so now it's moved beyond the baby gate haha. So gross!!
  • My LO has put EVERYTHING in his mouth! Loves diapers, books, the arm of the chair, buckles to his highchair, etc. The craziest thing was a fiber from his rug in his bedroom... had been looking like he was chewing on something and I couldn't feel anything until a couple mins later when he tried to swallow it and gagged.. I went in and pulled out a long piece of the rug :( ugh.. so hard to keep things out of that mouth! ha We got a toothbrush from the doctor (he has 7 plus a molar now!!) and I give that to him and he LOVES chewing on it. May be creating a bad habit but hey at least those chompers are getting the bristles in there! :)
  • The cats tails are a favorite. But pretty much anything he can get his hands on. I let him do what he wants with the exception of shoes. That's just so gross. To the OP I wouldn't worry, germs are okay. It builds up their immunity. If we are exposed we can't defend ourselves. 
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  • Dog food and dog toys. The other night we were at my parents house and my mom was holding her. She reached up and pulled my mom's earring right out of her ear and stuck it in her mouth! Thank goodness we saw it and were able to get it out!
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  • the shorter answer would be what hasn't my kid put in his mouth. He ate a dead bug off the kitchen floor the other day. That's probably the nastiest. I tried to get it from him (was making a bottle when I looked down and he had it in his hand moving it to his mouth quickly) I dropped everything and attempted to pry the bug from his mouth but he bit down.... The bug got eaten.. Protein or whatever, I guess. I have to vacuum really often simply because of there is so much as a dust bunny on the floor he will find it and I'll have to snatch it from him before he eats it.
  • She tries to chew on the outlet covers. And she is fascinated with the dog food. I gotta watch her like a hawk
  • My big toe is the current favourite.
  • RobsMrs77RobsMrs77 member
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    EVERTYTHING goes in this little chubster's mouth..... (they do discover the world
    with their mouths lol)....

    So far the worst has to be dog food. 

    he seems to be partial to pulling a chunk out the dog too, and then eating the hair! Ugh.
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    My daughter swallowed a FEW ants yesterday. I noticed she was distracted with something on the floor and not whining per the usual of late. I went to check and saw ants scurrying away and at least 2 on her tongue. Sigh. I guess she could eat worse things lol. 

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  • Well I thought I was going to have the grossest item till I read the trashcan comment...he put the toilet bowl brush in his mouth the other day before I caught him. I also caught him with a live caterpillar the other day but caught him just before it went in...he then screamed because I wouldn't let him eat the caterpillar. 
  • She likes the cats tail, sigh. She also will lie down on the floor and LICK THE CARPET and I'm just like what are you doing, baby?!? 
  • Hahaha! These are hilarious! 
  • I'm with @CaboBride2015 with the flip flops. She goes straight for them! Yuck! She also has a thing for expensive electronics :(  She chewed on our MacBook charger, and it no longer works & we've had to replace two phone chargers from being slobbered. Gotta watch this one like a hawk!  
  • I'm with @CaboBride2015 with the flip flops. She goes straight for them! Yuck! She also has a thing for expensive electronics :(  She chewed on our MacBook charger, and it no longer works & we've had to replace two phone chargers from being slobbered. Gotta watch this one like a hawk!  
    Oh! I forgot about the electronics! Phone chargers here too....and Liam's ear buds. Jake goes for the bit that goes in your ear, mmmm nice. 
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    Finnley's favorite thing right now is his dad's nose and ears...and cords for sure. It kind of changes weekly lol. Oh and I forgot he loves to lick my shoulder if I'm holding him or the side of his play pen
  • I almost forgot! Daddy's beard is her favorite! Tries to rip it off & eat it! Haha! 
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