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wtf wednesday 06/15


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  • WTF is going on with Orlando?!?!?! 
    I said that this morning when I saw the little boy at Disney. I hope no more tragedies come out of your town. You all have had more than enough. 
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  • @rnyland1 I'm right there with you with having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, or so just, for a little amount to come out. I try and hold it as long as possible but then I feel like I'm going to bust. Neither is a win win :neutral:
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  • @LDSJM123 I'm obsessed with pancakes right now. YUM.

    Also, wtf to youtube not working at work anymore?! I can't stop listening to Hamilton so this seriously disappoints me.

  • rnyland1 if you have amazon prime, you can download amazon prime music on your phone and listen to the soundtrack
  • @dolewhipper yeah I know. But they took away our wifi recently as well because too many people were messing around I guess. I don't have unlimited data so I can't stream music on my phone without it running up my dataplan.  I'm looking to find a different carrier so that I can get on an unlimited plan soon.. :\
  • Wtf to Verizon Fios. Yesterday I got home and out tv and Internet is out. DH spent over an hour troubleshooting and finally they decided to send a tech. Tomorrow. Between 7am and 9pm. Today and tomorrow are my days off so no cable or internet for me :(  what ever happened to 4-hour appointment windows? I have to be home alllll day tomorrow waiting for them
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  • @sboston06 I know yesterday I couldn't make or receive any calls from my cell, and MH and I have Verizon. Happened to a few friends too. Maybe it was related and the reason why they can't give you a specific window? Something big must have gotten messed up. 
  • rnyland1 One thing I love about the prime music app is that you can download the songs to your phone so you can listen without streaming. If you can find a wifi connection long enough to download, you can listen to it whenever you want :) I love it for flights and commuting since it doesn't use any data. 
  • @dolewhipper Agreed! I was saying that Monday and then heard about the poor baby today! Holy Moly! I pray they at least find him.  

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  • @dolewhipper ah ok. That's a great idea, thanks!
  • @dolewhipper With Prime you can download music?!?? I must learn more about this feature!!!
  • @rnyland1 and @BeachTigress this is my life. It's so unsatisfying. And my WTF on top of that is now I'm going into an arthroscopic procedure where there's liters of water flowing for a couple hours. Woe is me. 
  • TiffRox81 said:
    @dolewhipper With Prime you can download music?!?? I must learn more about this feature!!!
    Its amazing. Anything Prime you can add to your Playlist and then from there you can choose to add it to your cloud or your phone. Choose phone and you don't have to stream. Unfortunately it'll delete if/when the song is no longer supported by Prime (has only happened once for me though).
  • Wtf to me having a dream that I left a baby in a hot car and forgot about her.....
  • @stellaluna14 Ok this made me laugh!! I knew a cat that was a compulsive tape eater. Never thought about the aftermath, lol!!
  • WTF to having cotton mouth in the middle of the night. During the day I drink over 3 gallons of water but I try to cut myself off around 8:30 so I can sleep. Last night I woke up 3 times with incessant thirsty and of course 3 other times to pee. I feel like a zombie. 
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  • WTF internet that keeps going out! I can't get stuff done when you're not cooperating.
  • @rnyland1 @dolewhipper You can also download amazon music to your PC and sign in. Voila! All of your saved music is there and you can stream whatever else that's on Prime at your desk. :)
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  • Wtf to my mom getting upset when I give her updates on how big the baby is. He has been consistently measuring big, today's growth scan (I'm 35w 5d) shows he's measuring at 39 weeks, and estimated 8 pounds 3 ounces. She gets upset that my midwives are going to "let me" go full term....even though I've explained to her over and over again just because the baby is big doesn't mean he's finished developing. It's hard enough that I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of a c-section if he is huge and things don't work out with a vaginal delivery, I don't need the extra drama in my ear.
  • @jodi1980 MH and I have been joking about that guy and his car for years!! Nathaniel and his car Chase! I'd almost forgotten!! 
  • @stellaluna14 These are sour gummies, too. I am definitely heading in that direction. UGH. At least it won't hurt coming back up, right?
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