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Daycare issues

Hi ladies, 
im returning to work June 20th after pushing back for a week but I'm having such a hard time trying to get my baby to adjust. She's 10.5 months. Any suggestions on what to do? I just have until this Friday to help her transition. :( her first day was last Friday and I left her and she cried so much that the daycare lady called me to come back. Now we had a transition plan for this week. One hour on Monday 3 hours on Tuesday. But both days I have been unable to step out without her crying a lot. What should I do? Let her cry it out? 

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    Oh mama I'm so sorry, it must be so hard!  I don't really know what to tell you, I know it breaks your heart to hear her cry, I would be unable to focus all day at work. I think like you said a transition plan could help, remember she has been with you for over 10 months so it will take some time for her to adjust to the caregiver. If you want, when you drop her off this week, tell a helper to play with your little one and stay with them, perhaps she just needs to be entertained or have someone there playing with her and that way she will start getting familiar with the people there. Keep us posted mama and I know this must be hard, but hang in there mama! 
  • So sorry to hear that! We did it slowly. So first we did 15 minutes throughout the day where we would leave her with grandparents or the babysitter and then come back. Then 30 minutes and an hour and then 2 hours and 3 hours and so on. I know you have a short period of time, but you can start with an hour one day and then another the next day. Also, going in with baby to the new daycare and showing baby around might help baby to get familiar with it. You can also have a similar toy or stuffed animal while you do this that you can leave at the daycare so baby can still have something familiar. Good luck! 
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  • When my mom transitioned me, she stayed with me the whole first day, then left for a while the second day. Maybe that would help?
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    Yes we are trying to do 15 mins after every 15 mins but so far it's not helping :( 
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    So exhausted mentally and physically 
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    Has she stayed with grandparents or anyone else? If so, how does she do? Instead of daycare I would suggest a personal babysitting that can give her one on one time. 
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