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Hormones in the work place.

How to best keep your hormones in check when in professional situations? Any feed back or personal stories are welcomed. We are all humans here.

Re: Hormones in the work place.

  • loko08loko08 member
    Honestly, I think it's best to know your triggers - I can be somewhat emotional when not pregnant, so I have learned what situations I tend to become emotional in. When I feel a trigger, or think there is a chance it could happen, I take a deep breath, remove myself from the office and get some air. 

    I know this doesn't work in all situations.... if I'm in a situation and become emotional, I tell myself that I can cry when I get home, in my car, etc. Allowing myself that time later on to give in to my emotions helps me check them when I need to. 

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  • NatashaSproutNatashaSprout member
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    I work on a busy fire department and am at a firehouse with a lot of men. There's no emotions at the firehouse so I just check them at the door. I guess in my line of work I have been checking my emotions for 13 years. So it's normal for me. 
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  • Thank you, I almost melted down in public the other day. So far it's been fine in the office though. I do try an let myself cry when I need to, funny thing is while I'm crying my brain has no idea why.
  • srcr2011srcr2011 member
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    Not a DD, my comment posted twice.
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  • Lol. My boss is a bit of a hardass and yelled at me unreasonably at work this week, in front of my peers and customers... it wasn't fun, but I nodded and did what she wanted and got on with my day just fine. 

    At home later, taking to dh about it I was a little upset... Which is where it's appropriate to deal with emotions and find comfort, I think. but I would never freak out at a boss in the moment, or let emotions interrupt my work ethic. I see high value in being a consistent employee. 
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    I work front desk and this can be hard. I'm not emotional as in crying, but just have a bit less of a filter and am more on edge. I have control over my actions, but I hate how easily I get internally frustrated with coworkers and clients. 

    To combat it I just constantly tell myself that the conversation/situation/whatever isn't personal regardless of how it feels. It doesn't always help, but the hope is the more I reiterate it, the more it will sink in. 

    Edit: reread original post and saw there was a question in it so added an answer.
  • KRMcDKRMcD member
    whaat said:
    srcr2011 said:
    Just because we are pregnant doesn't mean we can fly off the handle. You're an adult, with a job...get control of yourself.l
    Right.. I just don't get this. I mean I can get emotional when I'm in my own head reading something sad on the train but I'm not just crying at work randomly. The people who do this... Do they also get emotional "on their periods" and just *need* chocolate? Is this a yogurt/ice cream commercial?

    I get super emotional in the few days before my period starts.  PMS is a real thing that affects some people.  And yes, I randomly cry for absolutely no reason while pregnant because of hormones as well.  And I certainly cry for not very good reasons while pregnant. Before we started trying to get pregnant the first time I had been on birth control so long I didn't actually know I had PMS.  But I sure found out once all the birth control hormones were out of my system. 
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