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Successful Breech Attempts?


Re: Successful Breech Attempts?

  • I'm a former L&D nurse and I worked with one dr who would do breech deliveries! It was really very cool! They were always done in the OR in case it was unsuccessful and a c section was needed but I saw a handful of breech vaginal deliveries done by him. No tips but I wish you all luck and hope your babies flip for you! 
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  • Thanks @foxa319 so good to know! I am 36+2 and still breech and am considering a vaginal delivery. My Dr wants to schedule me for July 6th c sec but there is another Dr in the area that will attempt a vaginal breech delivery in the OR as well. I just don't know the risks? I am going to call him Mon am to set up a meeting and chat. Good luck to all you there breech mamas, flip babies flip!!
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    @BBROBB I felt a significant  flip when s/he went breech however, just A LOT of very active movements all evening and night after my combo day of chiro/acupuncture/Moxibustion 
    Did you start to feel high kicks
  • Nothing super specific. Just A LOT of movement
  • My little man is still breech at almost 35w. Doing lots of praying and trying all the methods above! 
    Good luck! I am 38 weeks, so we will see today if anything has changed. I don't believe so...and I have tried everything in the book. She has a week...CS is scheduled for 7 days ☹️
  • @carbaddict Glad to hear your ECV went well! I may be heading in that direction also, though in reading up on it I don't know if I'm a good candidate (FTM, baby is measuring large, anterior placenta, etc...) - I am hesitant to do this because I've heard it's excruciating, but happy to hear a success story for a change. Baby is transverse, so if he doesn't go head down in the next couple weeks, it's looking like a C-section for me.
  • @CarbAddict Glad to hear it was successful! Was your baby breeched or transverse? Mine is currently in transverse position and she hasn't moved since my week 28 ultrasound. I'm meeting with the doc tomorrow to discuss the option of ECV but based on her position, it may not be successful in my opinion. I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow so it's looking like a scheduled c-section for me.
    Today I was told that it is my right to schedule a breech CS later than 39 weeks - the week before DD being precaution of spontaneous natural labor. Any opinions on this? I'd love to wait the full 40, and I also know MANY frank breeches are born naturally as well, but I of course want to do what's best for baby outside of risks
  • @simplymizzj baby was incomplete breech
    It's one thing to go longer because it's your "right" and another to do what's best. Odds are, baby isn't going to move on his own at this point. By waiting until 40+weeks, you run the risk of going into labor and then having an "emergency" cs instead of a planned scheduled one.

    Unless your Dr. and hospital have both said they will perform a vaginal breech birth, more than likely, you are going to end up with the same result.

    If it helps at all, before they do a scheduled csection, they will do an ultrasound to make sure the baby is still breech - so you aren't going to have csection unwarranted because your baby has turned.

    I think a scheduled c-section is way better than emergency, but I'm about to have my 3rd scheduled one, so yes, I'm biased.
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  • @BBROBB My OB said they like to schedule the C-section a week before the EDD to hopefully avoid going into labor on my own. She said by avoiding labor altogether, it would improve my chances of being able to have a vaginal delivery next time. 

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  • @BBROBB just curious, why you so set on going to whole 40? 
  • Found out yesterday my little guy has flipped breech.  I'm hoping he'll flip back, but if he doesn't im
    planning on asking if my practice will allow me to go into labor naturally and have a c-section at that point.  If he is breech I do not want a vaginal delivery, but I would like to go into labor on my own if possible. For me it's about knowing my body and baby we're ready and trusting that process, while also taking advantage of science and modern medicine.  While there are many pros to scheduling a c-section I'm hopeful my doctor will at least have the
    conversation with me and weigh out the pros and cons rather than just telling me what's going to happen (also, to be clear this is my birth plan for labor and vaginal delivery as well).
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  • @thepen15ismighty I suppose... guess I just don't see it as quite THAT black and white, but to each her own.
  • Just offering another experience. My little one was transverse at our anatomy scan, them three weeks later turned stubbornly breech. Due to my mom and I both being born around 36 weeks, I was very concerned. I did chiropractor work (including Webster), yoga, most of the things on spinning babies, and moxibustion. No dice.

    My midwife group told me not to worry, but I did.

    True to form, I went into labor at 35+4. And it was a very quick labor for a FTM. Neither myself, my midwife, or my doula was convinced it was active labor until I got checked at L & D. They refused to even attempt a version at that point. I was sad. No doctors here will do a vaginal breech delivery for a FTM.

    I went from 4 cm to 8.5 in 3 hours. He was still breech. So I had an urgent section. His butt was at +2 station when they extracted him back out, up the birth canal. 

    I wish I had at least attempt the version. As it was, it appeared that he would have slipped out as he was within an hour or so, and most likely would have, had I waited even just a little while longer before coming to hospital. 

    Crossing my fingers that everyone's little ones decide to flip on their own! This recovery from surgery while doing 15 hour days in the NICU while DH works, kinda sucks.
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  • @thepen15ismighty I suppose... guess I just don't see it as quite THAT black and white, but to each her own.
    It's not black and white at all 40 weeks your baby is full term. How hard is that to grasp?

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  • @BBROBB the chances of you having to have an emergency c section are very high, and there has to be a lot of factors in play. I wish people on here would call it a unplanned section instead because words/context matter.

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  • @pen15ismighty - I'm not sure why you're being so agressive. I was very polite and just asked a simple question. And, actually, full term is currently defined as any time after 39 weeks by the March of Dimes. Some sources still define it as any time at 37 -- but that is declining. 

  • Hi @BBROBB sounds like you have a stubborn babe! First off, when it comes town to it, do what your gut is telling you. With my breech experience, I was prepared to try to deliver frank breech. I'm a STM who had a relatively smooth first time delivery. My midwife was confident that I'd be able to do it. Breech babies have been and were at one point, always delivered vaginally. The risks are more so perceived than actual. With that said, depending on your delivering hospital, it can be difficult to find an Ob that will allow a frank breech vaginal delivery let alone he on call when it's go time for you. I wish you all the best. Do what your gut and heart are telling you!
    Thank you for the support everyone. There were a few factors playing into why I wanted 40 - my heart was so set on vaginal, I just wanted her to come when she was ready - I haven't even dropped yet. Sometimes I feel as if I'm not pregnant - still really comfortable and active. I felt 39 is too soon. Second, my husband is currently deployed. It's definitely going to be difficult to care for this baby on my own while recovering...he will be back mid-July. I believe if she wasn't breech, she'd be holding out pretty close to that! Webster did not work for me. The doctor said my alignment is great now...I'm waiting for someone to tell me my uterus shape is the reason the bum is stuck ☹️ I will be keeping the 39 week date in the end I suppose. I cannot end up feeling it is my fault if a complication does arise...which is the corner I feel I have been steered in. I appreciate everyone's words here!
  • @BBROBB That would be super tough taking care of your little one solo... esspecially post c-section. I'm kinda spoiled because my husband is Mr. Mom and pretty much likes to do all of it... you'll have to give Daddy all the diaper duty shifts for a month or so after his return.
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