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Flu Shot Question

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I don't know if this has been brought up before but I'm on the fence about my daughter getting the flu shot. At her last appointment which was her 6 month, the doctor recommended her getting 2 flu shots by her 1st birthday. We have her 9 month on Wednesday and I'm not sure if she will bring it up again or not. I never went back to get her flu shot because I'm unsure about it. I can't tell you when the last time I had one and Emily has yet to be sick. To me, I don't see a need in it but still not 100% sure if I will or not.

I guess my question is, did your baby get the flu shot or not? Is it a shot that she absolutely needs?

Re: Flu Shot Question

  • jht4jht4 member
    She probably doesn't need it now that flu season is basically over but you should talk to your doctor about it. The first time a child gets the flu shot they get two shots one month apart. From then on they just need on shot a year.

    Is it necessary? If you follow the CDC schedule it is. My first is fully vaccinated and my second will receive the first round of two flu shots next year. The flu is nothing to mess around with, especially in infants and the elderly. Granted, the flu shot doesn't always do the best job protecting against all types of the flu. However, I vaccinate for many diseases I have never had.
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  • We did it. And I'm glad we did. I have literally NEVER had the stomach flu. EVER. DH and I both got it really bad a couple months back. DS never got it. Maybe it's because I am EBF? Maybe it was the shot? Maybe it was just luck. But we got the flu at a weird time in Indiana this year. It hit in the spring and was just terrible. I couldn't have handled seeing DS sick like we were. It would have broken my heart. Also, my doc said since its two shots it is way easier to do that when they are still young than a little bit older, more aware and more squirmy. 
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  • xJKxORxJKxOR member
    I wouldn't worry about it right now; flu season is pretty much done. On the same note though; it doesn't hurt to get it. Your call. My son had this in February and March (2 shots one month apart). My husband and I always get ours because we are teachers and there are always illnesses going around. 
  • Thank you for the advice ladies! I'll see what the doctor says this week and if she still wants her to get it then I'll go ahead and do it. 
  • My son got both shots back in the winter as well. We've always gotten our flu shots every year and thankfully I've only come down with it once (when I was 11 weeks pregnant ... not fun). So while it isn't 100% effective, I get it to lessen my chance of getting it by as much as I can because if you do get it, it's awful!

    It is also a much more serious illness for those with weaker immune systems like infants, kids, the elderly, and pregnant people. Those populations can suffer serious consequences and it can be fatal (in the U.S. alone, 36,000 people die of influenza every year and more than 200,000 are hospitalized). I don't want to take that chance with my little guy, so he will get a flu shot every year along with us and his caregivers. :)
  • Lo had her flu shots this past winter. I go by the better safe than sorry reasoning when it comes to vaccines. I had influenza in my late teens and it took a good month before I completely recovered from it. 

    On a side note the flu shot is for influenza which is a respiratory virus, not the vomiting and diarrhea virus that we call the flu. A vaccine against that would be lovely though. 
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