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How many weeks? How big?

Anything baby related this week? Appointments?


GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/ wives tales to jumpstart labor?

Re: Monday Ticker Change

  • 35 weeks, I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Size of an almost ready baby.

    This is my last week of no appointments. After this week I have one every week.

    It's my last week of school! I'm so excited...I can manage being pregnant so much better when I don't have to go to work. During the week, I'm like "How will I survive?!?!" On the weekends, I'm not comfortable, but it's manageable!

    I will probably ramp up the BD time, and walk/jog a whole lot more around 38 weeks
  • I am 36 weeks and baby is the size of a papaya. 

    My 36 week app is on Wednesday!  Two weeks ago baby was measuring small. The doctor thinksit was because I was so dehydrated and sick. I am hoping baby measures more on track Wednesday. Otherwise I might get an ultrasound. 

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms? Thankful to just be dealing with normal pregnancy symptoms and over the severe diarrhea.  

    GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/ wives tales to jumpstart labor?  I did with DD, but this time I have a 2nd c-section scheduled for when I am 39 weeks and 2 days, so nope. 
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  • How many weeks? How big? 37!! For some reason this feels like a huge accomplishment. She's about the size of a tackle box or a skunk...?

    Anything baby related this week? Appointments? Had an NST this morning, another one along with an AFI and regular OB visit on Thursday. 

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms? Here to complain again about the acid reflux. I've also started gradually losing my mucus plug which is nasty, and have been having some on again off again contractions for 3 days now. But we have a date for our induction! I'm so excited to be done being pregnant, and finally meet our little girl.

    GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/ wives tales to jumpstart labor? May start trying to have sex more frequently as the end gets closer, but besides that, no.
  • How many weeks? How big?
    37 - honeydew melon or romaine heart. I feel like my apps have used these already lol. 

    Anything baby related this week? Appointments?
    Weekly appointment on Thursday. My OB is supposed to call today to see if I want to go ahead with scheduling a c-section since stubborn baby is still breech. I'm not going to bother with ECV since it seems like the benefits just don't outweigh the risks. I'm trying some inversion stuff from the spinning babies site, so if she flips before then, then great. If not, I'm mentally prepared for either outcome. I feel like she has moved a bit already but at this point I can't tell what direction she's laying. Guess we'll see Thursday. 

    I think I might be losing pieces of my mucous plug but I'm not positive. Feet swelling hasn't been as horrible lately. Starting to have more realistic period-like cramps on occasion. BH seem to have decreased in frequency but that's possibly because I'm trying to take it a lot easier and keep this baby in there to give her time to flip. 

    GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/wives tales to jumpstart labor?
    If she ends up flipping I might start walking a lot more. If not, I'd rather stick it out until I schedule my c-section. 
  • How many weeks? How big?
    37 weeks!

    Anything baby related this week? Appointments?
    Got an appointment on Friday where she'll do an ultrasound to double check positioning (she's only guessed by feeling on my stomach) and to check for fluid. She said they could do a guess at size but I'd rather not. Also have a prenatal massage on Wednesday. 

    Thankful to be feeling really good, still have lots of energy and nothing is too uncomfortable. I'm so ready to meet this baby though, so now I'm sure time will go by at snail's pace and that's gonna suck..

    GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/ wives tales to jumpstart labor? 
    Not until probably like 41 weeks if we go that far.. I already walk a ton (1+ hour everyday with my dogs) and weightlift x4 a week, so I don't think movement will help me. If we do get to that point I'm sure it'll be sexy time, spicy food, pineapple(??).. I've always wanted to try getting acupuncture so maybe I'll use it as an excuse to go try it haha
  • @rakel88 you are kind of awesome. I know I wouldn't be able to keep all that up with how I feel this late in the game!

    @brandiK good luck! I hope she cooperates for you.

    I just got a call from my OB office that my strep B culture was negative! One less thing to worry about.
  • @schaze thanks! I did my group b swab and then we realized I might need to have a c-section so the swab was kind of pointless. She said she would still send it in just in case. I was like, ughhhhhh good thing we went through with all that! Glad yours was negative!
  • How many weeks? How big? 35 weeks - pineapple, apparently?

    Anything baby related this week? Appointments? Like @hannahmp said, this is my last week with no appointments! Position ultrasound next Friday and then weekly from there on out - eeks! Just trying to get my life as organized as possible before this little one decides to make their entrance into the world. Feel like there's so much organizing in the baby's room to do. After 2 baby showers where baby was spoiled the room is a mess!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms? Ranting about work. It's stressing me out with them trying not to stress me out. That and sleeping being so darn difficult.
    Raving about my incredibly supportive DH. I really don't know how he keeps putting up with this mega hormonal & emotional person I've become but he keeps me grounded and I know how lucky I am to have him!

    GTKY: Will you be trying any techniques/ wives tales to jumpstart labor? If my swollen feet will allow it I plan on walking. Otherwise I have not thought of it at all.

  • @schaze thank you! I'm super grateful to be feeling ok to do everything so I'm doing it! 
  • How many weeks? 36!  Full term for twins so pretty excited about that.  Size of a papaya or a foot long sub

    Baby related stuff:  another appointment on Wednesday.  @brandiK I'm having a c section to, my dr. Said they still do the gbs because if you go into labor early, they want to know what baby(ies) are exposed to.  Fun fact: cause I thought the same thing

    rant: still uncomfortable basically all the time, yay!

    GTKY:  My c-section is scheduled for week 38, so no matter how uncomfortable I get will not be doing anything to promote labor.  I need these babies in there as long as possible!

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    Team Blue x2!!

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  • @calico34 that makes sense! I didn't really consider my water breaking and her being exposed if I was positive. Thanks!
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