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Homemade Purees

Hi all. I make my son his food homemade. I recently cooked down some plum. I thought it was sweet enough and tried some before but after being pureed it seemed to get tart/sour. Any ideas of what I can blend it with that with take it away. Don't want to have to waste it if I don't have too! 

Re: Homemade Purees

  • Just mix it with a sweeter fruit purée. Apples, pears and mangoes come to mind. 
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  • kde4kde4 member
    I agree with the idea of a sweeter fruit. Bananas are always a good to-go if you have them around.


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  • tvistetviste member
    I mixed pears in with just about all of my daughters purees. When she got a bit older, she liked the tart fruits by themselves. 
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