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Car seat options

Hi! My DD is fast approaching the hight limit on her chico key fit 30, and its time we buy a convertible car seat. I was wondering what you mama's use, or if you have any suggestions. My car is SMALL, its a Toyota Corolla...so I worry slightly about some of these being massive and not fitting.

ALSO, we will need a second for my Husbands car (also small) however the trick with his is he will need to be taking it in and out a lot-so if there is one that caters to easy install that would be awesome. They don't have to be the same kind...I guess I am just wondering what others went with, as there are so many choices out there it makes my head spin. Any suggestions appreciated! 

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    We have 3 cars, one is the family car and the other is just for me to use every day. So I definitely need 2 also but don't know if I can easily change the convertible car seat between each car. With the regular car seat I just bought an extra base but I will definitely follow this post because that's the only thing stopping me from changing to the convertible. Also I was thinking of getting the gracco 4 Ever all in one car seat. It grows with your baby and it converts as they grow! 
  • We have the Graco 4 Ever and it's a pretty solid carseat. Bubs outgrew his infant seat height-wise at around 9 months; he's so dang tall (99%ile). We have two cars, and we actually have one in each, but it is super easy to install and remove. I have an SUV, but DH drives a small car and it fits decently well (better than the infant seat did, at least).

    I agree, the choices are daunting! Basically, all car seats have to meet the same safety requirements to protect your LO. The difference in cost comes from the additional features you choose. If you are on Facebook, checkout to the group "Carseats for the Littles". They will be able to give you recommendations based on the types of cars you have and your budget.
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  • I have the Graco 4 ever and I like it. Very easy to install. Kinda heavy but I don't move it very much so it's not a problem for me. 
  • I also recommend Carseats for the littles. We went with the Graco Contender 65, its about $140 and works perfectly for us. We put LO in the convertible at 4 months and he loves it!
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    We considered getting the Graco 4Ever but decided to go with the Graco Milestone. It's similar to the 4Ever but doesn't go up to backless booster mode. However it's nearly $100 cheaper than the 4Ever and we can get a separate backless booster for $30 or so when the time comes, so I figured it made more sense in the long run. It isn't hard to install, however I have a smaller SUV so I'm not sure if size would be an issue for you with a Corolla.

    I also recommend checking out Carseats For The Littles, as well as Lucie's List, I think both websites have recommendations for smaller cars.
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  • We have the Chicco Nextfit. It has memory foam type padding. LO falls asleep in it instantly every time :)
  • We have the chicco nextfit zip and love it. I've read that this is one of the top recommendations for smaller cars and I have to say we replaced the first car seat we purchased and love this one way more. I have it installed in the middle or bump seat, both of my front seat can move all the way back and passengers can fit on either side
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  • We have the Britax Marathon.  It is huge!  I can't imagine it fitting in the backseat of my husband's two door Honda Civic.  He also had a hard time getting the Chicco KeyFit 30 in and out of his backseat, so we just trade cars.  Whoever will be home with the baby or needs to go somewhere with the baby gets the SUV (and it's working air conditioning) and whoever is flying solo gets the Civic (and it's nonexistent air conditioning).  I try to make sure I'm the one with the baby most of the time for this reason.  His car is a hot box in summer.
  • We have two of Graco's MySize 65, which are the only car seats we've used since our babe's birth. They're a little big but converts from birth to 65 pounds. It's also a quick install, especially if your car has the latch system. 
  • Chicco Nextfit! Seriously in love with this car seat. I bought THREE and installed in my car before buying my Chicco Nextfit. And I have no idea why I just didn't get it to begin with, I also had the Chicco Keyfit 30 which I loved and this is the next step! If you like your infant seat you'll love the Nextfit. It's soooo easy to install and uninstall. It's also not too bulky and heavy. It's so soft too - my LO falls asleep almost every time in it lol 
  • Thank you all so much for your help. I actually messaged car seat for the the littles and they suggested several of the ones you listed. I now don't feel like I'm going in this blindly!
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