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So I've had it ok with only mild to no heartburn.  I'm 37+2 today and all of a sudden today the top of my esophagus feels on fire.  I can only assume it's heartburn.  I dont feel it in my chest, only at the top, like right past where a sore throat would be. Drinking water helps the burn but only for a few minutes. Anyone have heartburn like this? 

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  • Yes, with acid reflux you can get a sore throat like that.
  • Oh yea sounds like acid reflux. Zantac works wonders but take it with plenty of water and make sure to not lay down for about 30 mins. Give it some time to kick in and I have found it works for 24 hours if you take it daily at the same time with or without symptoms. Doc says it's fine to take and also to use tums for times when you need an extra boost of acid reduction. If you don't wanna go the meds route, yogurt works instantly. I buy the organic go gurt tubes from Costco and freeze the entire box. If I need a quick fix in the middle of the night I grab one and 3 bites into it the acid and heart burn is completely gone. 
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  • Yep,acid reflux.. Atleast your not throwing up! I woke up at 3 am with no time to take tums or anything and projectile threw up off the side of the bed bc I couldn't get myself up.  It's the worse it's ever been now. And that burn makes me crazy!! It doesent matter if I eat or don't eat ima get it in the middle of the night every night.
  • I can't remember a time during this pregnancy when I wasn't having this happen. It got slightly better after he dropped, but I stupidly was only using Pepcid ac. Finally got some Zantac 2 days ago, which has worked wonders
  • Zantac is the only reason I can eat or sleep right now. On my OB's recommendation, I take 300mg twice a day. Strongly recommend the cool mint variety, which offers some small measure of instant relief. If you need instant relief, Pepcid chewables have a combination of short-term and preventive effects. 
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  • Just last night I started having acid reflux. I am so apologetic to everyone dealing with this. I have a feeling I might be gearing up for another night of it. Last night I propped myself up and slept fitfully until 4:30am when I realized tums exist and I have them. I took a couple preemptively so we'll see if it helps.
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  • I feel for you guys!  I drank some almond milk and it helped as much or more than the tums.  It was just weird bc baby is dropped already and now I get the heartburn.  Seems a lot better this morning but we will see how the rest of my time goes!
  • Yep, everyday for the past couple months. It also feels like I'm choking sometimes it's so bad. As PPs have recommended, Zantac has worked wonders. I take one Zantac 75 pill a day. Works pretty fast too.

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  • It's awful.  I take Gaviscon, which helps a good bit.  Tums doesn't do anything for me.  Also, just not eating much, unfortunately, is the best prevention for me.
  • I keep a bottle of tums by the bedside in case I get it when trying to sleep, it's been a lifesaver! When I didn't have tums, I just had a bit of milk and that seemed to ease it up enough for sleep as well.
  • I've had bad heartburn/reflux throughout my whole pregnancy. I was just taking tums (as needed) in the beginning, which worked fine. Around month 7 I woke up in the middle of the night choking (I guess on the acid bubbling up from my tummy) and my DH said it was the scariest thing. I tried sleeping upright and was so uncomfortable! I started taking a Zantac before bed and haven't had a problem since. I still use tums if I have heartburn throughout the day and it works. Tums works right away, where Zantac takes about an hour to kick in.

    My doula had suggested papaya enzymes, but they didn't work for me at all. Has anyone else tried them and had them work?

  • @mldutton I have papaya enzymes and use them frequently for heartburn and nausea with excellent results but tums don't do a thing for me and just make me want to throw up from the chalk taste.  It could all be about why you are experiencing symptoms or just different body chemistry?  I used them before I was pregnant too and we go through a lot of them in my house. 
  • Had the worst heartburn last night. All the acid kept running up into my throat. Had no tums so woke up DH for a glass of milk which did the trick. He was surprised bc i absolutely hate the taste of plain milk and even commented while drinking it that it could use some Cocoa Puffs lol. Went and picked up more tums today; but one thing i thought i'd mention is Evian water. My hubby was telling me its higher up on the alkaline scale than a spring or tap water so it helps to neutralize acid naturally in the body...at least this is the info i retained at 4 am when i asked for milk. Bought a couple bottles today to try it out and seems to be keeping the acid at bay for now. Although, i am sick of being pregnant and ordered the hottest thai fried rice on the menu tonight to try and smoke this kid out...we'll see if the evian, milk and tums will be able to battle the war later on tonight
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  • For whatever reason I haven't had it, maybe only mildly, since I started this post.  I don't what was going on that day to set me on fire but man it was bad!
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