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Birthing experience at North Central Baptist

I just realized there is a local board for SA.  I am due in 6 weeks. My first baby and i am wondering if anyone has any experience with delivering at North Central. How accomodating are they? Were you happy with your care? Tell me everything. 

Re: Birthing experience at North Central Baptist

  • I'm due in January (so,  not for a while) but my OB is at North Central Baptist and that's where I'm going to be giving birth. My OB is Super nice,  and her staff is too. I don't have any experience with the actual hospital rooms or care, (I've only gone in the office building of the hospital) but I have heard that North Central Baptist is one of the best hospitals in SA .
  • Yeah, I heard that too and we loved the hospital during the tour. We did a tour back in Jan and then again last week since our due date is about 4 weeks out. Both times the staff was super friendly and explained so much during the tour. I definitely recommend doing the tour sometime before you give birth! It's free and they go over everything including billing. I'll check back in once I give birth and let you know how the whole experience was! 
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  • kam626kam626 member
    I delivered there last year since my ob is assigned there. it was great. nurses and doctors all so nice, they took great care of us. i think you will be in good hands!
  • @kam626  Awesome, thank you! 
  • I delivered there for my first and we loved it! I definitely plan to go there again this time around! Everyone was very friendly and the newborn nursery helped so much (the nurses also taught my husband how to properly change a diaper and swaddle our son while I was in bed recovering). Great hospital!
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