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are you brushing your LO's teeth yet? If so, what toothpaste are you using?

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  • Every site I have found and my dentist said not to use toothpaste until LO could spit it out. Colgate has a pretty decent explanation here.

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    Our pediatrician said not to use toothpaste.  We brush we this little rubber brush that fits over my finger, but we only use water 
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  • Our pedi said to use a tiny tiny amount of flouride free and the little toothbrush that goes on your finger. I'm going to hold off on any toothpaste though until he doesn't just swallow it. So basically we use the finger one with water. 
  • Dentist and pedi both said no toothpaste just use wash cloth or a finger brush with water
  • I was also told just to use water. My LO uses a child tooth brush as a chew toy because its all rubber so I haven't brushed his teeth yet. Is this bad? lol.

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    So glad I asked, thanks ladies!
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