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Snot like discharge anyone?

has anyone had or have discharge that kind of looks like snot??I am 15w 5 days and the past day or two when I wipe (not every time but a lot of times) there is some gooey snot like discharge..not a ton but it's there..kind of like egg white cervical mucus but this is a bit yellower I think..not bright yellow and if you stretch it out it get clearer..I think  maybe it can be some mucus plug and that it will regenerate itself but wanted to know if it's normal, if others have had it or if I should call the dr to make sure its ok. Thanks

Re: Snot like discharge anyone?

  • @Rachlee2010 My RE told me that white discharge is normal. You could probably call the non-emergency number for your office and just check in about it if it really is yellowish.

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  • Are you feeling any pelvic pressure or heaviness? It could just be normal as an increase in discharge is to be expected, but I'd probably send a non-emergency message to your nurse or doctor if you don't have an appt already set up for the next few days to let them know what's happening. It's probably nothing and fine, but I have a friend who was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix around 16 weeks and an increase in discharge was what led her doctor to check. 
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