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Falling asleep during meetings

Hello! My baby is almost 8 months and I am working extremely long hours (6 AM to 7 PM sometimes). Lately, I have been dozing off during meetings, especially when the lightsun are dimmed. My boss noticed yesterday and reprimanded me, but I feel really embarrassed. I'm exhausted from the long days and Baby doesn't fall asleep until 10-11. Help! What do I do? 

Re: Falling asleep during meetings

  • Obviously coffee would help but I also read somewhere drinking lots of water helps when not getting enough sleep. Any chance you could take a power nap during lunch or any break?

  • Baby doesn't fall asleep til 10 or 11? That sounds so rough on you!! Is there a reason he/she doesn't fall asleep until then? Can you work on your routine to get baby sleeping earlier?

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  • Coffee, water, snacks, power naps, standing during the meeting, etc. Also, maybe it's time to examine baby's bedtime? I discovered around 7 months or so that my son needed an earlier bedtime and it was 7pm until about 14 months. It made a world of difference to work on him going to bed earlier and falling asleep on his own. It was sad to spend less time with him, but it helped my sanity immensely. 
  • Coffee.  Water.  Healthy snacks.  Earlier bedtime for LO.

    If you continue to fall asleep, you're in danger of losing your job.  Do what it takes to stay awake.
  • Coffee doesn't work...from like 8 pm on he fights falling asleep. Trying to get him down earlier, but he just won't sleep...he's afraid he's going to miss something, so he tries to stay awake as long as possible. It's definitely embarrassing and I feel so terrible about it. 
  • Mint helps to keep me alert - gum or Altoids, something like that. 
  • Have you talked to who ever watches him during the day (nanny/daycare) to see what times he is napping? Maybe those naps can be moved up to earlier times and that might help getting him to sleep earlier at night.
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