Better experience the 2nd time around?

DH and I have a 3 year old and are considering trying for Baby #2. Unfortunately, because of my last experience, we are very nervous.  My last C-section was very scary and left us (especially DH) very traumatized!  We were not in any danger, but half way through the operation my spinal wore off!  there were no other complications with the c-section and I had a fairly easy recovery, just not something I'm 100% I could go though it again!  Has anyone had a scary experience the first time around and found their second time to be easier and less scary?
Thanks so much in advance!
EDD 4/15/17
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Re: Better experience the 2nd time around?

  • I had an urgent 1st one and an amazing 2nd one. I am very excited for my 3rd and final one.
  • I had a very scary emergency c 4 1/2 years ago and just delivered our 2nd baby via repeat c section last week. It was like day and night. I previously discussed my fears with my dr and he made sure everyone who worked with me knew I was nervous. It was a great experience and I'm no longer scared to have a 3rd when the time comes. 
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  • Thanks ladies!
    EDD 4/15/17
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  • I also had a dreadful first c/s where the babe was lodged in my birth canal and epidural meds were not working properly. I specifically recall not being lucid enough to even hold my son for 5 hours after the procedure.

    2nd and scheduled c/s? Absolute BREEZE. I was even able to leave the hospital two days faster than with the first one. The actual procedure was easier, spinal was MUCH more comfortable than epidural block and my immediate recovery period was wonderful. I was able to start BFing 30 minutes after delivery. 

    It's very scary after you've been through a traumatic first one, but %99.9999 percent of scheduled cesareans are quick, relatively easy considering it's still surgery, and more relaxed!

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  • I was put to sleep for my first one. And I thought I was going to die for the first week. I was so sore. Probably had something to do with them getting her out in 7 minutes. 
    My second I tried to VBAC but she was breech and wouldn't turn so I had a scheduled one at 39 weeks. It was much different and easier. The recovery was better but this time around I am still going to have a vba2c if everything is okay cause not being able to lift when you have other children in the house is tough. 
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