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I don't know if I can wait until September...

I am so anxious to be pregnant again! Not to mention excited! I am not sure I can wait that long! :blush: 
Anyone else able to talk their husbands into moving the date up by just a couple of months...

Re: I don't know if I can wait until September...

  • I desperately want to start TTC now but don't dare ask to move the date up lol (which is also September). I'm worried we're wasting time and good eggs but trying to remain positive and do everything in my power now to be at the peak of my game by then so hopefully all will go smoothly. But I'm definitely anxious as all get out to start TTC for our #1!
  • Well now I feel a little selfish... haha this will be my fourth and his 1st. I have three children from my first marriage. I am so excited for us to have a baby together, he is such a great step-dad! <3 !!!
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  • DH and I initially planned on starting in August. We had a good talk about why we were waiting and how long it can take (yea I feel dumb now but before coming on here I kind of thought I'd stop my BCP and then BD and I'd be pregnant) and we chose to move it up to April. 

    If you are ready now I'd start by having an open conversation with your husband and maybe he'll agree or maybe you can compromise on July or August. Or maybe you guys have a good reason for waiting but he can help make you feel better about waiting until then. Good luck!
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  • Oh ya! I forget why you were planning on waiting @MsMae79 ??? That could make a difference. We compromised on September. Or, I set September as a start point because I wanted to start now and he's still a bit scared (which I told him is normal and also we had a loss in February) so it would make me feel better about waiting if i knew there was a plan and a deadline and so it would give him some time to get used to the idea and hopefully more excited than scared. Soooo if I try to make it sooner I feel like it could totally backfire in a negative way lol
  • September is our timeframe too, and I am going nuts. But I'd rather avoid the high risk of microcephaly, so that's the earliest we can try. I am praying neither of us gets bitten! 
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  • We are also waiting until September!! It's been our date for like 18 months... so it's finally feeling CLOSE! But I do wish it were closer. I am trying to focus on enjoying this summer, doing things I wont want to do next summer if I'm KU - concerts, parties, traveling, etc. I'd love to lose some lbs before I start, but that part hasn't been going so well... maybe because of the other things!! 
  • I feel ya! We were supposed to start in sept., then it got pushed back to November, and I am getting more and more obsessed! I can just imagine what it's going to be like when I'm actually ttc... I will probably live on these boards! It's especially bad when we come up to a fertile period... I know we have to wait, but I just get more and more into reading about it.

    That doesn't really help you much with waiting... just know there's a lot of us right there with ya! My husband has brought up trying a few times, since now we have a house and getting pregnant wouldn't be as stressful with the living situation, so I guess it is ultimately me that is holding oUT till November for job and $$ reasons (even though I really really don't want to!) I guess just keep reminding yourself sept is less than 10 weeks away, and whatever his reasons, I'm sure he realizes you are ready, and he is thankful you're respecting his reasons! 

    Sorry this was kind of a ramble... good luck! 
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