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3rd Trimester

Anyone else with a big squishy bump?!

I'm 29+3 and have (according to what every man and his dog likes to tell me) a huge bump. But - the majority of the time it is still so squishy! I had great abs before baby and haven't put much weight on anywhere else so I don't think it's just fat. But I t's not what I expect a bump to be like at all - so has anyone else had the same?! 

Re: Anyone else with a big squishy bump?!

  • Your bump is all full of water (amniotic fluid).

    Once you're like, 39w and it's all baby, it may feel firmer, but for now, you're basically a water bed.

    How your bump is now, will have little bearing on how well/quickly you "bounce back" after birth.
  • Mine is rock hard, but that's because I've been having horrible contractions all the damn time. Squishy is the normal bump state is my understanding...

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  • One side of my belly is harder than the other, presumably being the side where baby is hanging out.
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  • Mine has been hardish with both pregnancies, but is squishier underneath this time and last time it wasn't. Could just be where baby is laying.
  • Sometimes part of my belly is hard and part is super squishy so I realized it's just baby being in different positions. Currently 35 weeks though.
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