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What milestones is your LO hitting? New things they've learned to do? Things you think they'll be doing soon?

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  • It's funny, I thought she was doing all these impressive things, only to find out they are involuntary reflexes that all newborns have. Found out yesterday, I was kinda bummed. Haha. But as far as things she has control of that I'm impressed by: she's been holding her head up since she was born, and now her head control is really good. I dont have to worry about my relatives watching her head when they hold her now. She is determined to stand on her own, it's the one thing that excites her the most. If she starts fussing at me and she isnt hungry, its usually because she wants to stand or exercise her legs. She's trying to roll over and succeeds from time to time, and she's started batting at her toys with her left hand and caressing her doll's face (with same hand). That makes me wonder if she's going to be left handed or if she just prefers that one right now. She's 10 weeks 2 days today. Still isn't fond of tummy time though. I can only get her to do it for a few minutes before she gets really upset. And after she gets upset from tummy time she is typically inconsolable for a while. I think she just gets exhausted or something and nothing makes her happy after that, even if she was in a great smiley mood before hand. :(
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    My son just hit his 3 month "birthday" yesterday. He has been been able to roll from belly to back since 10 weeks. He's been sleeping 6-8 hour stretches from about 9ish weeks. It'll be two weeks tomorrow that he started to laugh, and I just can't get enough of it!

    edited because hands full with sleeping son and words are hard!  :D
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  • @RiverWhispering part of me wants to google involuntary reflexes and the other wants to just stay in my own little bubble and not know so I think we're hitting more milestones! 

    Tummy time is still a scream fest followed by 15 minutes of being completely inconsolable. She can hold her head up well but she's just pissed. Funny enough, the madder she is, the more she pushes up. Rolling will probably happen by the time she's in college. 

    She smiles and giggles but man does she make us work for it!! She's all smiles and kicks when she wakes up in the morning but after that it's like talking to a statue. You've got to be SERIOUSLY funny for her to crack a smile. Apparently I was the same as a she may not look like me but she got my attitude. She will "chat" with anyone who will listen though. 

    But she sleeps from 9-6:30 and then from about 7-9 so I'm not complaining there. 
  • Makenna is 16 weeks old. She rolled from her belly to back at 11 weeks but hasn't done it since then, she hates tummy time though so I don't put her in that position often. She does roll from her back to her stomach but then is immediately ticked off bc she hates tummy time lol. Despite her lack of tummy time she has amazing head and neck control. She's only laughed on a few different occasions and it was only when she was completely exhausted. She loves to smile and talk to everyone. She will grab anything that she can reach but gets frustrated if she can't get a good hold of it. She started sleeping thru the night at 12 weeks. She will sleep for 8 hours wake up and eat and then sleep another 2-3. She's obsessed with her hands and will play with them and knaw on them all day long. Not sure if all of these are milestones but this is just what she's up to
  • I don't remember all the milestones anymore, but DD smiles, coos, and giggles (you know, the best a <3mo. can). She watches and can sometimes track her brother. She's pretty good at holding up her own head for a while.

    Now, DH claims she rolled from belly to back 2 weeks ago, but my back was turned doing laundry, so I cannot verify and haven't seen her do it since. She sometimes rolls from back to either side while sleeping, so I have to watch put for that now. I know it's probably okay but I want her sleeping on her back.
  • My son will be four months on the 11th he is drooling a lot, whatever he holds goes straight to the mouth. oh mine on Monday he started laughing. we suspect teething!

  • My DH SWEARS little one said "hi" back to him (this is probably what we say to him the most) but I think he was probably just making some sounds and DH got overly excited lol.

    This week DS has started to roll over, stomach to back, consistently on his own and started laughing! He's definitely drooling like crazy and like  PP, everything is going in the mouth!
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