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Amniotic Band, possible TW

Hi all,
I've been a bit MIA this week because we had our anatomy scan on Thursday. The baby looks great, but the scan revealed the presence of an amniotic band.

Amniotic bands are random threads of tissue that extend from or across the amniotic sac. They can be dangerous as sometimes the baby can become entangled in them. We have a follow-up with MFM next week to do another scan to (a) determine if it's still there and (b) try to determine how much risk it poses to the baby. 

Statistically, I'm likely to be the only one here dealing with this. But I figured I'd throw the topic out there in case anyone else is dealing with this, or has dealt with it in previous pregnancies. 

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Re: Amniotic Band, possible TW

  • I had what they thought was an amniotic band when I was pregnant with my son. Turns out it was a pocket of blood. The dr said it's either a band or i should expect to bleed a little, which would have been normal. He gave me a week to see if I passed the blood and a repeat u/s. I never passed the blood and was freaking out because i figured it was a band. Well come the u/s, it was gone. My body absorbed the blood and it was not a band.  *TW* my cousin had an amniotic bad during her pregnancy. Her son did get tangled and it cut off circulation to his forearm. He was born without a hand because of it. I knew this when I was told I may have had one and caused the major freak out. I hope it's not an amniotic band. Sorry you are going through this. Good luck.
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  • sweetlyuntiedsweetlyuntied member
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    @srcr2011  thank you for your response, it's good to be reminded that sometimes these things turn out to be completely different on the follow-up scan.  I'm sorry to hear about your cousin.  Random question, and you may not know the answer, did they find the deformity at the same time that they found the band?  Or did they find the band first, and then he became entangled with time? 

     Only asking because I've heard some encouraging statistics that, if by the time they find the band the baby has still avoided contact,  The outcomes are usually better. 

     It's hard feeling so helpless, knowing that your baby is in the womb with a potentially very dangerous object, and there's nothing that you can do to protect him.

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  • @sweetlyuntied no stories to share, but I'm sorry you're dealing with this. 

    My DH was born with a severely clubbed foot (not as a result of an amniotic band as far as I know but it seems like ABS can cause them)  and after tendon release surgery and serial casting as baby, he doesn't really have any residual issues. If you know, and stare at his calves you can see that they're different sizes but he runs & plays hockey no problem. I hope things work out for you!
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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I can only imagine how terrifying this is for you. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for some good news at you're next scan! 
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  • @sweetlyuntied I have never heard of this, but just wanted to tell you I'm sorry you're going through this.  Creepy internet-friend hugs :)
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  • I hope MFM can provide more information.  Thinking of you and Baby No. 2!!!

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