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Herbs or Supplements to heal after MC?

I've been thinking about buying some Raspberry Leaf tea, read that it helps heal/tone the uterus. I've also read about other herbs that support female function before/after pregnancy.

I've read about: Raspberry Leaf, Maca root, Vitex supplements, False Unicorn, Korean Ginseng, Bach Flower remedies and some others that I haven't been able to find in the health food stores. Has anyone here had experience with these??

Re: Herbs or Supplements to heal after MC?

  • I use Maca root, every day in my coffee and find that it seems to help regulate AF (typically less painful) and increases libido. We're not TTC until September but I'm hoping it helps with fertility, too. I do have signs of fertility and ovulation so here's hoping.
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    I've not used any of those but read a bit about maca, and already bought the powder. It was used by ancient incas in Peru to increase fertility. It's worth a shot. 
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  • Yes - I've read a lot about Maca online. Some people really rave about it and said they became super fertile after taking it and got pregnant on it (after YEARS of TTC)
  • Not exactly an answer to your question, but have you considered acupuncture (although I guess it's kind of an answer to your question, since some acupuncturists also use herbs)?  I did acupuncture with a practitioner who specializes in fertility work--both medicated and natural cycles--for almost all of my IUIs, as well as post-d&c to try to help keep things moving & heal.  
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  • I'm a big fan of maca root, I really think it helped with fertility and it definitely helped with libido. Now I want to pick up some raspberry leaf tea, sounds like it would be helpful.
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    Thanks for starting this board, @new_ivf! I'm not very educated when it comes to herbs and supplements. I am interested in learning more about maca root and will be researching this. I love the suggestion of adding it to my coffee every morning. Thanks, @rainbowturtles!

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  • @srnj3 I get one that has some raw cacao and vanilla added to it so it's perfect for coffee. Regular Maca can have a strong taste lol If I had smoothies every morning I might get regular Maca and put it in there, but I never find smoothies filling enough. You can get pills but I could only find Vega brand and I don't find them as effective.

    Funny probably tmi story:
    I first started Maca because a med I was on gave me hot flashes lol Not only did it help with that, but the other thing I noticed was that it gave me sex dreams almost nightly  :D I call it my "horny juice" haha I'm no longer on the medication but continued it because of its effects on libido and regulating my cycle
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