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    I'm hitting the stage of pregnancy that I just don't feel like random trolls are worth any form of energy other than to be told bye. Especially when the community has been really great lately. Since babies are coming soon can we all just lay off the report button and ignore  trolls because many of us have Been here from the beginning several newcomers are here now too and I'm really over seeing petty bans 
    Obv. bait by people who have come here and pooped all over the board in the past and gotten run out. Hence the 1+ year old account that has never even posted on our board before today. How do these people still have time to come start drama?
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    We could start playing the reverse image search game on Google to really start weeding out the trolls 
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    Eh maybe really intense gif parties on all the rando troll threads will scare them off. 
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    Haha what would they do if we all just agreed. "Yup so mean" "you said it sister" I think they would just evaporate or disappear 
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    @stellaluna14 haha! A cookie or pizza. Nothing else is worth picking up! 
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