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Hey everyone!

Let me just start by apologizing for lurking during 90% of my pregnancy. I have gained some really great insights from your threads and appreciate the honesty and organization. It's seriously night and day going from this board to other app forums where I just sit there and facepalm at people's questions. 

Anyways - I'm 27, DH is 26, and we are expecting our first baby (girl) on July 4. We live near Kansas City, MO. I currently work in surgery at a local hospital and am planning on working until I go into labor and walking upstairs to pop this baby out. Easier said than done, though. I'm really over the 10+ hours of being on my feet daily, but that's a complaint for another thread.

I will be a FTM but I'm hoping I'll be able to add whatever valuable input I can! 

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