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Scared of the dark NB?

My little guy is a week old. The first couple nights I slept in a recliner with him because of my C-section, knowing it would be difficult to get up and nurse. He was fine with me those nights with the lights off. Now we would like him to sleep in his bassinet, but whenever we turn the light off he starts to cry and cannot be calmed. We've had success leaving a lamp on in the room, but hubby cannot sleep like that. We need a new solution. Has anyone else dealt with this? Can a newborn really be scared of the dark?  

Re: Scared of the dark NB?

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    Ceridwen77Ceridwen77 member
    edited June 2016
    i don't think he's scared of the dark, but instead just not able to "see" where he is.  This is more common with older babies who have more developed vision. What about a night light? 
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    ^wss as another suggestion, maybe you could leave a light on in the next room over and leave the door open just enough to let some light in. 
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    We had the same problem with our LO when he came home from the hospital. I agree with the previous posters; I don't think he was afraid of the dark, just couldn't see anything at all and I think that bothered him. We left our bedroom door open and put a nightlight in the hallway. 
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    4N6s4N6s member
    Night light or hallway light
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    ecwkecwk member
    Himalayan salt lamps give a lovely soft glow and it doesn't bother me to sleep with it on 

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    We love our himalayan salt lamp, perfect glow for late night/early morning feedings & changings and it's not bright enough to bother DH or myself.
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