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Watch your language?

At what age it is reasonable to expect/ask others to not curse in front of your child?  At 10 months I feel like she's getting to the point where she understands words even if she can't repeat.  However my inlaws still curse quite a bit in front of her.  Is it unreasonable to ask them to stop?  What age is appropriate?

Re: Watch your language?

  • No it is not unreasonable to ask them to stop! Trying to put an end to a behavior around your own child that you aren't comfortable with or don't agree with is never unreasonable. That's YOUR LO. I think newborn is an appropriate age honestly. Swearing in front of children is bad habit to start and have, and a hard one to break at any age. I would ask them now to please not do that. LO will be picking up words soon. 
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  • I agree! I have been telling people to watch their language since my boy was like 3 months! They are such little sponges, I'd rather stop that behavior before he might understand rather than trying to correct him saying those words! 
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  • I think its appropriate to say watch your language. Setting the expectations now what is/is not appropriate. You never know when they will start trying to repeat things. Also, its not just about the language people use but if your saying things with a certain tone or raising your voice.

  • They are learning language at this point even though you are not talking. I'm working on breaking the habit myself and getting my husband to stop. I'd rather his 1st word not be an f bomb.
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