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RSVPing No...

In need of a little advice this morning! My friend's little sister just sent us an invite to her son's first birthday party. I went out and bought him a gift, then looked at the invite details and realized the party is an hour away. We run a tight ship in our house in regards to naps and feedings; otherwise we risk a meltdown. Because of the party being such a distance, there's no way to attend without disrupting DD's nap schedule. I think I'm going to have to RSVP no and just explain the situation, hoping she'll understand. I do plan on giving her the gift either way, but my question is: am I being uptight? Should I just suck it up? Or would you all understand if you were her?

For context:  I don't have a friendship with this girl although I have known her since she was little and we did have a play date a few months back (our LO's are 2 months apart). 

Re: RSVPing No...

  • I personally wouldn't go if you already know you'll have a meltdown on your hands. If it was someone closer to you I might be more inclined to change up the routine. Plus, sending the gift anyways is more than enough to me
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  • Since it's an hour away why don't you just leave the party when it's LOs nap time and she will have a lovely hour long nap in the car! 
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  • I would say if you were actually close to this girl and had a true desire to attend to do so, because one day of a thrown off routine is easily remedied the following day.
    Considering you don't seem particularly enthused about the event, and routine takes priority over the occasion, I would say sending your gift anyway is more than sufficient. Surely she'll understand.
  • Honestly I would go. Would baby fall asleep in the car? Car naps aren't the best- but it's one day. It would likely mean a lot to her to attend. 

    That at said I understand. I totally would not have gone with baby #1. With DD in forced to go out for DS. It's so much nicer not being crazy about a schedule. I wish I had let loose with DS and enjoyed more! We follow the schedule at home but I don't worry about 1-2 days a week. 

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  • I probably wouldn't go since you're not that close to her.  If you were close to her or it was important to you that you be there, then I'd say roll with it.  

    And honestly, I don't really think you owe an explanation at all.  I would just say that you're very sorry but you can't make it, and leave it at that.  
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