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I know there are issues with the sterile field in the surgical room, but I have also read stories of moms who were allowed to hold their babies soon after they were out. Does anyone have stories about this? Any special fits to pitch...buzzwords to use...to get time with your baby quickly? Thanks!

Re: Skin to Skin after C

  • Although I didn't not get to experience one myself, look up "gentle c section"

    i only found out about them two months after my son was born and would have liked to have known they existed prior to having him. Some hospitals will do it, and while I'm still torn on deciding weather or not I would want to try to vbac if I choose to have a second child (my son is only 3 months so still to soon to think about) if I decide on an elective c for my next birth (terrified of uterine rupture) I'd want to find a hospital that would participate in this practice. 

    Start researching and afterwards call up the hospitals in your area and, armed with your newfound knowledge, ask them if this is something that they might consider doing.

    Good luck!
  • I was able to have skin to skin for only a few minutes after my c section. I didn't ask, my doctor just came over with my mom and placed the baby on my chest. 
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  • I got to hold my baby skin to skin during my c-section. The hospital where I work/delivered does this for almost all of our c-section.  I would first get your OB on board then have them talk to the hospital staff. I don't have any advice for getting them on board, since it is our standard of care but I can tell you that it was amazing and I wouldn't trade that time for the world. 
  • If I have a c section....probably will due to issues. I asked him about skin on skin he was on board. My husband has to hold her there but definitely can be done as for there going leave extra cord so hubs can cut
  • Every hospital is different. The last one I was at you looked at baby and then dad and baby went off to the room together. I was in recovery alone and it sucked. The hospital I am having this baby at does immediate skin to skin after baby is out, and dad and baby stay with you the entire time. They wait until your back in your room again to do weight and stuff like that. Much nicer so mom doesn't miss out. 
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  • I could not do it do emergency c section
  • I was able to do skin to skin pretty quickly, as soon as they pulled him out and cut the cord and weighed him they brought him to me and put him on my chest while they finished sewing me up. He actually started rooting then too which was great. I think they took him for a minute to do the 2nd Apgar test then gave him right back. I never had to let go of him when they wheeled me into recovery either.
  • I was on a table with my arm straight out to the sides. After 12 hours of labor with epidural,  I was finally able to have a c-section.  :) with the epidural and spinal block(remember I am on the table arms out) I numb from my ring fingers down! I couldn't see him right away and I ask my husband "does he look like a Jasper or a Dawsen?" After they cleaned and wrapped him up my husband carried him to me! My husband was so proud to be the first one to hold him since I carried for 9 months. It was good because I couldn't feel ring finger chest and down so holding a baby I would be able to feel him just see that I was holding him! Soon after I was stitched up we went into a recovery room and I tried to breast-feeding my baby, I needed my husbands help to make sure I wasn't suffocating him. I plan to have another c-section on this second baby too. I hope this helps!
  • Emergency c/s, so I didn't have a chance to ask about it.  DH did skin to skin while I got stitched up.  Since my arms were tied down its not like I could've held her anyway.  I was kind of annoyed bc I wanted first baby snuggles, but DH has an incredible bond with DD and I think that was the start of it.
  • For my first (emergency) section, no skin to skin. For my second (planned) section, we did skin to skin. I got to hold DD all the way back to the room. They had no problem when I mentioned it
  • Talk to your OB, different hospitals have different rules. My first c/s the hospital did not allow it, but my second (at a different hospital) had stork nurses specifically there to help with skin to skin and breastfeeding. 
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