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Nervous as I near delivery...(vent?)

Hello ladies! I used to be a very active member of TTCAL several years ago, DH and I suffered multiple miscarriages and one very traumatic ectopic pregnancy resulting in the loss of my left tube. I am currently pregnant with my 4th (with miscarriages mixed in) and this will be our last child. As I near my July 1st due date I am having serious anxiety episodes, my mind won't rest knowing this is my last rainbow baby, I keep having these horrible visions of losing my baby and going through more miscarriages trying to complete our family. I think that because this is our last I'm struggling with these fears, I honestly thought I was past the anxiety from our previous losses but I guess not. I know it's most likely hormones but I feel really alone because I don't want to tell anyone irl how I'm feeling, like they will think I'm crazy. I just wanted to let this out somewhere that I knew other people would understand. 
I hope you are all having happy, healthy beautiful rainbow baby pregnancies! 
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Re: Nervous as I near delivery...(vent?)

  • Sticky baby dust and giant hugs to you! FX that everything goes well. 
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  • Not crazy a single bit!! I have similar worries about stillbirth, losing the baby, just waking up one day and not being pregnant any more, etc. Every NST and ultrasound my first question is "show me the heartbeat". I swear I hold my breath until it is confirmed baby is still ok. Until the moment I have this baby in my arms, I will worry. Then I will likely worry about it every day forever after as well.  :-)

    You can do this, you've got this, ans your miracle will be here soon!
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  • I get this. I'm 37+1 and sometimes I think it would just be safer to get him out now. Like we've made it this far, he's alive, let's just get him out of me so nothing happens. I felt like that with my first and second rainbow babies. This is my third and last. I find huge comfort thinking about how I will never have to experience another miscarriage again bc we won't be trying any more. I try to focus on that when I get anxious.  But I've also decided that no matter the outcome of this pregnancy, I'm done. FX for an easy and healthy delivery for you and baby!!  He or she will be here before you know it and your family will be complete.
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