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co-sleeping with LO

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So I've read all these posts about putting babies in their cribs then how well they're sleeping through the night. I still have my little guy in a Co-Sleeper right beside my bed we have our night time routine, and I first lay him down in his bed completely asleep after nursing by 9. Then he's up at midnight And I just roll over and put him in bed with me and nurse him back to sleep and that's where he stays all night long till about 6:30 in the morning when I get up. He'll usually wake up again around 3 to eat but I just switch sides and nurse him on the other side of my bed.I love sleeping with him and my husband doesn't seem to mind it so much now because he's actually much quieter as a sleeper in Our bed then in his little Co-Sleeper bassinet. 
So I guess my questions are does anybody else co-sleep with their little ones still or have them in your room?
Does anybody else's baby still get up through the night like this to feed?
Do you think I'm seriously setting myself up for trouble by having him in my bed And feeding him like this?
I can't stand to listen to him cry It breaks my heart or I would try The Drowsy but awake thing but I do wish  he would sleep more through the night.

Re: co-sleeping with LO

  • Zoey normally eats around 7:30-8:00 but she is bottle fed. After that I will either lay her in her pack n play next to my bed or sometimes she likes to be in her swing. She gets fidgety in her swing and that's when I know she's ready for bed. I put her in pack n play and she will sleep until about 6. Sometimes she wakes up around 4ish and I will put her on a pillow next to me in bed. But my husband works nights and he doesn't sleep with us much. I would not put a baby in bed with both of us. To me that is entirely to dangerous. I already take a risk putting her with me at 4, bc my husband gets mad if he sees her in out bed. My little one likes to sleep on her side and has done so she she was born. it's so hard not to have her sleep with me bc I love the cuddles but it's not a good habit to start
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  • DD sleeps next to our bed in the pack n play. I'm beyond paranoid about something happening so I don't sleep well if she's in the bed with me. We aren't planning on transitioning her to her own room until she's 6 months old (SIDS deaths peak between 2 to 4 months and 90% occur before 6 months). She's capable of sleeping up to 11 hours but usually wakes once between midnight and  3 to eat. However we're going through a rough patch right now (last night was every 1-2 hours and it was so, so sad). She wasn't hungry every time she woke up but needed soothing to go back to sleep (so I'm assuming it's bc her sleep cycles are changing). Ideally, id like to keep her in our room until she makes it through most nights (even if that's longer than 6 months). I am lazy and also like the "roll over, pick up, feed, put back down" method of dealing with night waking.

    My niece is 7 months old and co-sleeps with her parents. They're all happy with the arrangement so I don't think it's going to change any time soon. I feel that if both parents are happy with whatever the sleep arrangements are, then nothing needs to change. Honestly, all the breastfeeding research I've read says to feed on demand and not worry about how often or schedules so I think you're doing everything right. That being said, as much as it kills me to listen to DD cry, I don't think reasonable sleep training of older babies is wrong. I think so much of these decisions really comes down to what feels right/comfortable/necessary for your and your family to have the best possible relationships with each other.  As for drowsy but awake, I pretty much only work on that at nap time (because if it doesn't go well, it's not as horrible as bed time). I started when I'd accidentally wake her up when I transferred her after feeding her. I'm slowly starting to pull her off when she's still awake and then leave. If she gets really upset, I start the process over but she's getting better about putting herself to sleep now and rarely fusses. 
  • My LO is 13 weeks and EBF. She still wakes about 3 times a night and nurses back to sleep. We have a co-sleeper which goes in the bed between DH and I; right now neither of us feel ready to move her into her own room for the night. Perhaps after the 6th month mark!
  • DD sleeps in a RnP next to my side of the bed but never in the bed. I'm too scared of the chance of smothering her. I've heard people's stories of waking up to a baby turning blue and it's not worth the risk to me. Luckily since I never did it, I'm unaware of the sweet snuggles I'm missing so I'm not sad about it lol. Like PP said, I'm terrified of SIDS so she will be in our room til 4 months at least... Maybe 6 if I can convince DH.
  • If you're happy- keep on keeping on! Just make sure your bed is safe, obviously. FYI my guy still gets up at least twice between 8-6am to nurse. We don't co sleep bc I'm a nervous wreck and can't sleep myself if he is in bed. Do what works and gets you the most sleep possible !
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  • Baby waking every 3 hours in the night sounds totally within the realm of normal to me, for an EBF baby. Those aren't amazing stretches of sleep, but it's not bad either. Especially if baby really is eating...then it's good for your supply and you absolutely *should* be doing it.

    We don't co-sleep, but we do have his crib right by our bed. Our bed is on the small side, so co-sleeping the whole night was never something we tried, for our own selfish reasons - we just wouldn't sleep well. We have tried bringing him in with us for comfort a few times, but he has never really liked sleeping on us or snuggled up to us (!), and seems to actually prefer his crib. OK, baby...fine! If you and your LO are enjoying the co-sleeping and getting more sleep as a result, you should just keep doing what you're doing IMO.

    Anyway, my little guy has been waking up about every 3 hours lately as well (and really eating every time), and we don't co-sleep. So I don't think the co-sleeping is causing that. Baby probably needs the food.
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  • We put LO down around also he wakes at 11 and 4 to eat when he wakes at 4 I toss him in the bed with us since hubby is up at 7 for work. 

    I think it's fine to have LO in the bed as a pp stated that's how 1/2 the world sleeps. My LO is such a loud sleeper in his bed and sometimes only really settles down once he's in the bed with us. 
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  • We still co-sleep and plan to for the foreseeable future. LO will sleep in her crib sometimes for naps but is always up within 30 minutes and doesn't go back down so we haven't even attempted it at night. She sleeps in her pack and play for her first stretch which is usually 8-4 or 5 and then wakes up to eat then I bring her into bed with me for her second stretch after hubby leaves for work. We use a co-sleeper in bed and she sleeps great, her second stretch is usually 530-8 or 9. 

    I think if what you are doing works for you then you should keep it up. I too worry I might be setting her up for failure when it comes to sleeping alone but at this age I really believe she's too young to settle into permanent bad habits and we will start sleep training when both she and I feel ready, personally I'm not in any rush :)
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     Thank you for all the replies. I am definitely safe about him sleeping with us. I will transition him once we are already but I am nowhere near that point yet neither is DH. He def eats when he wakes and eats more being in bed with me than when I was getting up and feeding him. He sleeps so much better. I am scared of SIDS too and sleep lightly an am very cautious, but having him with me seems to be the only way I'm not a zombie.T hanks again :) 
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  • Our LO sleeps in his own bed most of the time since 3 months and usually does really well. We have our bedtime routine which ends with nursing and me singing lullabies. Usually he pretty much falls asleep nursing but wakes back up when I put him in his crib, so I sing to him and stroke his hand until he's out then keep singing a little longer to be sure! He usually wakes once in the night around 3 am (for a while it was not at all . . . I miss!  :s) and I nurse him and put him back down with a little more hand stroking. Then he's usually out till 6:30 or 7, at which point I bring him in bed and nurse/co-sleep until I have to get up for work around 7:45. If he wakes up earlier or more than the one time, I totally co-sleep for longer. Last night he woke at 2 and I just didn't have the energy so I nursed him in bed in his room (we have a spare/guest bed in there), then tried putting him back in his crib. He woke up again by 3:30 and I was like forget it! And I just stayed in the bed in his room co-sleeping/nursing the rest of the night. We all do what we have to!
  • DD is in the RnP next to my side, but DD1 slept in our bed from 4mo to around 2 years. I enjoyed it and got WAY better rest that way. I was concerned about her transitioning to a bed, but I weaned her at 22mo and shortly after we bought her a twin size bed, which she transitioned to with no problem from day 1. If you enjoy it, go for it! 



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