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Hi - I just had a D&C this morning. It was my 2nd miscarriage. 1st one was in December at 6w and I took cytotec. This one was further along - I was 10 weeks but baby stopped growing at 7. Anyway - any experience with achy legs afterward? Had procedure went well and I've been home relaxing. It's just that my left leg feels restless. I called my doctor and they suggested Motrin (which I don't have on hand and DH is at work) so I took aleve and said if nothing changes to go to the hospital to be evaluated. I'm guessing they are concerned about clots but I'm not having any other symptoms like swelling or redness. Anyone else have something similar or advice to share?  I just want to get through this recovery and try and move forward as soon as possible 

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  • Sorry for your losses.  Did you have general anesthesia for the d&c?  Is it possible it is related to that working its way out of your system?  I did not have that symptom after my d&c, so the only advice I would offer is not to hesitate to call your doctor (including the on-call doc if after hours) if you have any concerns whatsoever.  
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  • Thanks - I did have general anesthesia and I think they put a muscle relaxer or something for anxiety in the IV too so definitely possible. I'm just hoping to avoid another trip to the hospital.  I also read people get sore after being in the surgery position. I'll wait a bit longer to see if Anthing changes. I'm sorry for your loss as well and thanks for your response
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  • my legs were very sore a day after my d&c. at first I didn't know why but then when I thought about how my body was positioned for the d&c a light blub went off like duh! of course you'd be sore from that. I'd say if it doesn't subside within a couple days to contact your dr but my guess is you'll be fine.

  • So sorry for your losses. I had a MMC in December and am back to TTC-ing. After my D&C, my shoulders, neck, and thighs were sore, and it was due to the position they had me in during the surgery. If you have ANY hesitation or doubts though, contact your  doctor. It's been a couple days so I hope things have cleared up by now. 
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