Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant again after Multiple Miscarriages.

Hi all, DH here, so my wife and I found out we were expecting when we came back from our euro trip (guess the swiss milk works ;-)) however we still haven't seen an OB and we believe we are at the 5/6 week mark (new insurance = new OB)  we have an ultrasound scheduled for this saturday but wont' find out results until at least the the 10th (6 days after) due to the dr's office not having any appointments.  It should be mentioned that this DR has great reviews with regard to treating and handling multiple miscarriages.  However, my wife last night said she didn't have any pregnancy symptoms at all yesterday and was already feeling very nervous and as if something was wrong... she didn't feel like taking any folic acid for 2 days now, my fear is that she feels that its a miscarriage again (this would make #4).  The last one was tetraploidy and the one before we didn't test but the old OB felt it was the same.. in his words "its just happens".. my personal opinion is that he sucked...  Last week she had some brown discharge but it was only one day and nothing after that.  I don't know what to do.. not sure if we can handle another mis-carriage... i'm very nervous for this ultrasound as well.. any advice would be great.. i just don't know what to do anymore..


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Re: Pregnant again after Multiple Miscarriages.

  • I'm so sorry that you and your wife are going through this stress. There's not much I can offer in the way of advice (I've had a single mc and we never tested to find out why. Obgyn thinks it was one of those "fluke things", which I hate but I'm happy to believe her for now). If I had any advice it would be to try and practice calming practices. Prayer and meditation works best for me, personally, but I know other people like to mentally chant positive affirmations or take relaxing walks. I'm sorry I can't be more help but but big hugs to and your wife. FX for good results! We're all pulling for you! 
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  • I'm so sorry for your losses and everything you have been through.  

    I've had one loss and two successful pregnancies.  All 3 times I have had very few early symptoms.  No nausea, no sore boobs, no extra sensitive smell.... Nothing.  Maybe a little bit of fatigue but that's it.  You can very much have a successful pregnancy without "feeling pregnant."  I would advise your wife to take her folic acid if at all possible because this could be the baby you get to take home and you want to give it the best possible shot.  
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  • I am so sorry for your prior losses. I haven't felt very pregnant but blood tests and ultrasounds say otherwise. Is your doctor willing to order a standing beta (HCG quant) test? This way you and DW can see the numbers double - it might be reassuring. I know it has helped me  with this pregnancy.  I would encourage her to take her folic acid (or folate better yet).

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  • I'm so sorry for your losses - I've had two. The first one I had no symptoms and it was an anembryonic pregnancy, the second I felt pretty sick but my symptoms stopped really suddenly. That time there was an embryo but we never got a heartbeat. This time I've had very mild symptoms and until I had ultrasound that told me The baby is growing on track with heartbeat I was also feeling very discouraged like your wife. I was totally convinced it was another blighted ovum.

    The waiting is awful - all you can do is reassure your wife that no two pregnancies are alike - and symptoms do not correlate with outcome. Also brown spotting is perfectly fine. I had some early on, around 4 weeks and I even had a light red flow at 6 weeks and our baby is doing fine. 

    FX your ultrasound results are reassuring. 
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  • So slight update, today wifey isn't feeling good feels tired and cold..., and her stomach has been hurting.  Not really sure what that means but does not give me confidence.. Ultrasound is tomorrow but again we won't get results until we see the dr sometime this upcoming week...
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  • Please keep us updated. 
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  • I also want to echo everyone's comments. No two pregnancies are alike. She should be taking the folic acid everyday (they recommend it even before conception!). There is no reason to believe something is wrong until there is. Having said that, I completely understand, I have had 2 missed miscarriages back-to-back before this pregnancy, both were cause by genetic defects, and there are times when you are almost sure something is really wrong. 

    I am surprised they didn't do a beta/blood reading/s, that can be an early indication that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

    My recommendation is to keep telling her that TODAY she is pregnant. Cramping can be normal, I had some cramping early on. Being tired is a great sign! At 13 weeks I am still exhausted! Cold-hot feeling can also be an early pg symptom. Hang in there just a few more days until you can get your reassurance. 
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  • That's fantastic news @johnnydro!  I'm so glad everything went well and y'all feel more positive about things now. Continued prayers and big hugs for a happy and healthy 9 months! 
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  • Thanks! Still nervous but at least we got good news to start!
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  • I am chiming in after the fact, but I wanted to say a few things. We have suffered five losses. Every time no answers, just a new theory. This time (25w2d) we have a wonderful ob that will not stop providing us with information. We have not had a successful pregnancy yet, but there is hope. I still get nervous before every ultrasound waiting for them to say "I am so sorry" . but I am very grateful they tell us everything is normal. I wish you two good luck with this pregnancy!
  • Thank you for all the well wishes!
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